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The Future of Royal Games

Hello Royal Gamers

Flash is going to disappear on December 31st 2020. It’s a difficult situation but the powers that be have decided that Flash has to go. We would love to be able to keep things running the way they were but it’s just not possible.

We are a very small crew of dedicated guys and gals that want the best for this site and for all of you that have stuck with us through thick and thin. Sadly, we have to make some changes to ensure we can keep things running and improving in 2021 and beyond.

HTML5 Games
We really wanted to convert all of the games but this has turned out to be far more complicated than we initially anticipated. So we took the hard decision to start converting the most popular games. For the beginning of 2021, the following (should) be the lineup of games moving forward.

I Love Treasure

Klondike Solitaire

Hoop de Loop

Pepper Panic

Monster Fever

Puff Fish Poppers

Beached Buddies

Gin Rummy

Princess Peony 

Ace Solitaire(2012)

Bubble Witch

Candy Crush

Papa Pear

Farm King

Release the Creeps

Diamond Digger


Bubble Saga 

Cat Corner

Golf Solitaire

Honey Mine

Mahjong Masquerade

Kalorie King

Klicker Fusion

Pet Rescue

Performance Issues in HTML5 Games
HTML5 can be more RAM and CPU intensive than Flash, which means older systems can struggle. 

Trust me, I see everything! I hear the complaints and I am going to address them in 2021.

We are going to look at optimisation for HTML5 games in 2021. We are investigating RAM usage and aim to outline RAM requirements. This should give you all a better performance benchmark, but hopefully we can bring those requirements down in 2021. This is not going to be an overnight process however, so as per usual, I very much appreciate your patience.

Flash Games
What this means is we are going to be delisting the vast majority of our Flash games by the end of the year. This is not a decision we have taken lightly but it is our only choice. We can’t support these games if the browsers do not.

The shame is we lose a lot of classic games and no doubt some of our amazing long-term players, which is horrible. We hope you do stick around because we are always trying to think about the future and how we can improve things. My hope is that in 2021 we get to concentrate less on HTML5 (basically keeping the site alive) and more on bug fixes, improvements and new features.

Site Features
We are also porting over the Castle, Avatars, Spinners, Freeroll Spinners and all of the other little Flash Elements that make up the site. The aim is to also have this done by December 31st 2020. There is a small possibility that some elements might not be entirely finished, but we are working hard to make sure this does not happen.

So there it is! That is what is happening in its entirety. I have to reiterate, I wish we could have converted every game, but with all the will in the world it just could not happen. I know we are going to lose some of you and I completely understand. All I can say is thank you so much for being part of this site and creating one of the most unique gaming communities on the planet. I sincerely hope you do stay and that we continue to keep entertaining you for many more years to come.

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  • I'm lucky to have many games staying that I like to play. I hope the art for Bubble Saga will be transformed into something less grotesque, although it is still fun to play. RG has helped me get through so many days by distracting me from physical and sometimes emotional ills. Thank you Royal Games

  • I know you are doing your best but please can you try and get at least one word game up and running.

  • As I understood your gameplan for 2020, you would HTML5 the most popular games, then in 2021, work on the rest. Is this not now going to happen? Please, pretty please COULD YOU GET A WORD GAME UP AND RUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • the games i like seem to be going pffffffffft

  • What about some NEW games?

  • The games were built to run on Flash and Royal Games have updated and rewritten the games they were able to. I know a lot of people are disappointed, I am too. I am sure that the people who have been keeping this site running for years are also. So I say, Thanks for your hard work, Happy 2021.

  • i do not work for Royal Games, but my son is a programmer and he explained to me that a lot of browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Edge etc have been blocking Flash for the past year and now Adobe is stopping all support for Flash. Royal Games did nothing.

  • And all the records are gone then.... and all the diplomas i will have to start again? No way....

  • OMG. no more midas mahjong....... It was helping me to earn some pocket money.... I'm only house wife. Please keep midas mahjong as well.

  • Correction 36,025 over 15 YEARS, started playing during my marriage break up :(

  • Ahhhh Magic Spinball 36000 times played over 12 years, mostly in the first 5 or 6 years, still love it GOING!!!!

  • But one more thing, there is a bit of click response lag with each click for Pet Rescue. I experienced it with Bubble Witch and Bubble Saga when it first launched but seemed slightly better now. Bubble Saga background with more white sky was better, now too intense color without contrast of white

  • No more Ludo, Dice King, Jungle Rumble???? Blaaaaaa

  • The Clown Prince, played Pet Rescue html for the first time, not too bad compared to some other html games, but the pink and brown bricks just don't work. The colors too close . Some of the low resolution screen for score is a bit of a turn off but no big deal. Thanks RG team for your hard work!

  • I have been silently enjoying this lovely site for ten years. I am sorry it has taken me so long to say thank you. I hope we will both still be here enjoying life and these games in another ten year. Sharon Campbell "Tweedd"

  • Good luck for the team!!! And if you struglle with HTML playing games, have some more RAM, perhaps that works. Have all a safe and nice December ♥

  • I'm very happy with the way Cat Corner looks now. In that earlier HTML version it was hard to tell the yellow from orange sometimes. It's much better now.

  • I'm very happy with the way Cat Corner looks now. In that earlier HTML version it was hard to tell the yellow from orange sometimes. It's much better now.

  • No word link? That's the game that got me on this site. My experience with the HTML games is much slower and less enjoyable play. Oh well, I'll be saving money!

  • @philena, makes me wonder if the source code for the popular games that weren't converted is sat in a vault over at King waiting to be converted into a shameless mobile market cash-cow. That could explain why the site's most played game never got converted.