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  • LOL Kez, I bet some players think I'm going crazy their not far wrong! Ha! Ha! But when I checked the blog just after 8pm UK time! The old update was there!!! Maybe they forgot to post the new one till now! Who knows??? "E" :-) x

  • Well Eliane my score was crap on the Lucky Lantern game anyway

  • Or they just changed it! Now it's about deposits & withdrawals! So they're reading. :-)

  • I just played Lucky Lantern It worked but I won't tell you my score! LMAO It was pathetic! And in the old version I scored over! 600.000 & have a gold award! Or well you can't win them all. "E" :-) x

  • Well diz l have no problems playing Lucky Lantern and l play it on Firefox

  • Now I cant play my friends challs/ in "Bubble Witch" And they still got the site update up! I've not tried "Lucky Lantern" yet I'm relentless & keep on! LOL :-) x

  • I know it's low but! I've not been able to play it since March! I'm sure it would be a little higher by now? I try every day & just get a black screen like many other players it just won't load!!!

  • Thanks to the player that picked up on the free "Daily Spinner" I very rare these days check it! This is what I got. You are a Royal Games Gold VIP. You can find the Bonus spinner here. VIP start date: 3/31/21 VIP re-qualification date: 6/29/21 VIP progress ==> platinum: 17 % (100 % is neede

  • Now that Lucky Lantern is playable for everyone which it should have been in the beginning. It's not like it's a new game, but why is it not working now? I cant play it won't load so suggestion Royal Game make sure the game works B4 you release it so we can play really need something else to play.

  • This could all be an arm of the Great Reset where you stick your $ up your jumper. I don't think RG isn't trying to keep us in the game, but they're dealing with outside interference, difficult to control.

  • Just a thought that maybe they have been told or not allowed to take any deposits. Perhaps they are being investigated by the FOS/Paypal for not paying out the withdrawals.As players have been waiting months for withdrawals we could be in for a long wait before we can deposit again :((

  • They could have given us at least 24-48 notice when they were going to stop the deposits.

  • I wish they would state when we are getting the next update on withdrawals. As this is now 5 months plus from the comments. There is a lot of locked funds, and I assume the 2 people left in the company are still taking a wage. The cut from each game will not fund the freerolls soon!

  • The reply I received after their game screwed up- Status of the game you played: Something went wrong with game. Your connection to the game server was lost. The problem is not located in our systems, and you will therefore not be refunded for this game......what a f'in joke

  • there's only 1 reason why they would want to disable depositing.. they want everyone who has withdrawn money this year (which they are not able to pay out) to ask for the money to be "deposited" back to their account... it is Monopoly money after all, until we withdraw.... O.o

  • The ones who never complained about getting money refunded shouldn't be blocked from depositing.Not right to do!!!

  • Just noticed they have a text for your status now under account to see how your spin status is instead of the bar

  • I use an app on my phone called Puffin and can view the status bar for spinner games. Only way to see it

  • Until they fix the money issues everything should freeze. Leave all players ranking on the spinner games locked unless playing money games and that should count on moving up in rank not go down until fixed

  • How does the site expect us that are Diamond players to keep our status if we can't deposit when we need to???