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  • Yes thank you both Maria and Jinx who helped us both and moved very quickly. :))

  • I would just like to thank Jinx and Maria who dealt with the latest attempt to finish the site off, yes RG has problems but to kick a man when they are on the floor is just scandalous. slainte Sile

  • Put the head to head back please, surly its our choice as to whether we play 1-1 or other, really not liking this at all.

  • What is with not having head to head tournaments anymore? Granted I have only checked the games I like to play, but all of those are for 3 players instead of 2. I really am not liking this!!!

  • Can someone please tell me how I leave this website to ensure that my details are no longer available and to remove all my details. This site has been destroyed over the years and is now nothing but a poor imitation of what it was.

  • Withdrawal amazing! I put money in but never have any to withdraw, how do people earn money enough to do so?

  • originated from Wardour Street in London which is still the registered address for the company, but for tax purposes the servers are in Malta which means "legally" that's the place money changes hands and profits are made.

  • Juelma, Swedes weren't founders of the site. The Swedish office was the research Dept. (where Old Fool was based), and at that time the German office was running the show. Royal always existed as part of the MidasPlayer empire (Midas/King/Royal), it was the bingo site for many years. It all

  • Puffin & Cat - yep. Been here 13 years, esp for Gin as it's one of the few places that have it, and the site started declining when it became Royal. Too bad - it used to have the best variety going. Ah well, all things come to an end at some point.

  • "Point made"? What point would that be? And yes, I do win regularly, but it's the challenge and fun of playing that keeps me doing so. Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose. Regardless, if a site is unable to provide its offered service, then it either needs to shut down or provide equal compensation.

  • After the Swedes who founders of game site Kingcom sold the site and later got the name Royalgames, games suddenly disappeared and many games had problems afterwards. A long time ago and I don't understand that you gamers didn't see that. I saw it coming and never transferred money again .

  • Catplayer, I'm outta here, after something like a decade of playing on this site. It means I'm giving up all the time and money I've spent becoming proficient at the games on this site. It amazes me that the trained chimpanzees that run this site can't get anything to work It ain't rocket science

  • Well, I guess the bright side of all this is I am not spending any money here any more now that I am down to 24 cents..... I'm thinking at some point I won't be back any more as I will have moved on. I wonder how many people will drop out and never return?

  • Rather far from the dictionary definition of "compensation", a gesture that cost nothing, to use a feature that fails to start for many, and winners reduced from 50 to 20 (or 19 + iceman). Even if we overcome those hurdles, we still can't withdraw any winnings.

  • Yet give them your email/Fakebook details and it remembers you for years.

  • @pnavillia, and even when their server has a problem and won't connect, your achievement/action is saved until it's back. The one major fault, and cynics will say deliberate, is its tendency to crash and "forget" you if you join up as a kind of guest player, losing all your progress and purchases.

  • Thank you Jean, and from Oma's "lost" list, GoatWillow. :)

  • Ok right point made! When was the last time you won???

  • You don't have to be a 'compulsive gambler' to enjoy the challenge of playing for a chance to win some money. That's demeaning and insulting, whether you intend it to be or not.The site is broken and we are allowed to be annoyed that we are offered a ridiculous "compensation" for the ongoing issues.