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  • would be higher.

  • It does not pay to go Gin early if maybe you had knocked earlier before getting the Gin the opponents deadwood may have been high the higher the better but obviously not 50 so you would start the next round in a good place, then if fortunate to get the Gin quickly with time bonus etc the total>>

  • In GIN look at the rules on the gin page it is to do with the cards in which you have in a gin also which combos you have, take a look for it to make a bit more sense.

  • there's definitly some fraude going on here...it seems when i play a game i cant win even if i am 1st place whit one player to go i get a refund...but that doesnt happen when i'm like 4th or 5th the game misteriously dissapeares in the 'played games' list so its either lose or refund THAT'S FRAUDE!

  • Tonight's free game - can anyone explain how on earth RG calculates scores for Gin Rummy? I won with a Gin hand on the first hand and beat the Prof after one round, yet I'm out the money places??? OK so I would probably have won 10p but It's like you're punished for a good game?

  • Well it worked for me sleepydove and rockets so far, I just you tubed it >> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6SSXJWs6xAE << The only thing maybe its because I don't have NWF?

  • What a mess! Don't seem they've sorted any deposits or withdrawals Yet! Maybe I'm on a lucky streak on the freeroll cash? that makes a change for me!!! Have a lovely weekend all... Think I will play the lotto soon maybe I will might be a millionaire soon??? I got more chance to win £10 quid. "E" :-)

  • Cannot process payment. We're currently experiencing issues processing withdrawals, we've therefore paused new deposits while this is resolved. If you have existing credit there will be a delay before you can make a withdrawal and we are working to resolve this as quickly as possible.

  • I tried another form of payment on my debit account! I'm not stupid & enter card details I was just testing it & this is the message I got! And my cards are in credit not in the red yet! LOL... Here it is! 2nd

  • This is what I got! Sorry! playing is disabled at the moment due to a site update. Please return in a while. (Pick other payment form) Or well lmao I used my credit card in past here there's more security on it like when yo go on holidays abroad? I have to let them know? or they will freeze the card

  • I used a card too.

  • I will check what you posted Sile & see what it says? but like I posted I don't want to deposit! Not done for 5 yrs now.

  • @comgame by the way I did the deposit via my bank did'nt try paypal :))

  • You're on a roll! Maybe you should raise the stakes and enter a tournament more suited to your superior skills.

  • I got to laugh at this? I was just using the little money I have left on what I won on the freerolls! Just won 70p wow!!! I don't have a paypal account & no way I will use my credit or debit account! I do not want to deposit any way! 2nd

  • lol it was rockets originally I just seconded it ;)) However it doesn't seem to be working for everyone only guys so far this side of the pond, it will be interesting to see who else can as the night/day progresses.

  • Thanks @comgame so sorry I forgot who posted ....lol

  • I have just deposited £10 so yes it does work. Click on deposit select your amount and press enter as said by previous chatter ....thanks for the tip :))

  • there is no option for me to deposit maybe because i use paypal

  • thats what I have too >> http://prntscr.com/12z0lia << however I just put in a tenner and my password and hey presto > https://prnt.sc/12z0fk9