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  • Komt goed hoor,

  • Could you just give us some funds to play for as a compensation instead? And what about the Cups played with Flash? They are still not settled, which you said you would do within the first quarter. Wait! Maybe you didn't say what year... Credibility decreases for each day.

  • Played the Puff Fish freeroll, got a good score, didn't register.

  • Wow, this payment issue is taken forever! Why is this so hard to fix?

  • Went to play the daily freeroll, said I have reached the limit, never played it at all.

  • VIP Compensation ?? How about you guys roll out Wednesday Freerolls , wait better yet , every day free rolls until you sort out your deposit and withdraw issues?? Allow your paying members to benefit accordingly during you dilemma! This post will either stay or be taken down...tbc

  • lucky you!

  • parrrttyyyy