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  • the games to listen to you guys touting for business on another site, just a thought.

  • After the couple of guys at the beginning of this blog stated that they have now been paid out their withdrawal money I was half expecting others to say they had too, but then again no-one has been on to say they are still waiting, perhaps they are too busy spending their withdrawal money on playing

  • worth seeking out the back catalogue to hear a genius at work.

  • Good skin thumper, often enjoy a bit of 2112 etc... but technically not in the same league as Baker or Rich. They could get the same sounds out of a small kit that other drummers need huge kits to reproduce. Admittedly, Buddy was a bit before even my time, and a genre I'm not too fond of, but well

  • "When Royal started..." Err which time, it's had more comebacks than Fairport Convention. Think you have withdrawal problems now? Still owes players a fortune from closing down the bingo/gambling games site bearing the dame name.

  • 52 cards, 4 suits Aces through to Kings.... full bells and whistles solitaire?

  • Oh yes! > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LWRMOJQDiLU < My son is a musician predominantly the Drums and Neil was one of his idols R.I.P

  • Think again young Rick, there is trouble with the trees.

  • 1. Neil Peart.......... :D

  • Good Night JB

  • Goodnight JB xxx

  • OMG Now I have heard it all..... Time for TV and get time away from here b4 it drives me crazy. Night ladies and PW :) x

  • when royal started it was much more untrustworthy than that site and look here more than 10 years later... and they stopped paying their users hahahahaha

  • You mean you was in it in the first place ;))

  • That's me out of the running then.....

  • We who think normal that is CV lol :)

  • JB, that is indeed the question. Whether t'is nobblier in the mind though...

  • @mtunes, doesn't really matter what address you use, once you read their reply, that 1 pixel element you can't see opens up all the info on your comp. And thanks to Micro$loth's disastrous "Golden Key", you may as well post your computer to them.

  • CV you know what's best to do and not to do.

  • *called