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  • Sile, I've made it so far! But cant get past Ray Man! You know what I mean lmao, hope you & all the family are safe & well! "E" :-) x

  • hahaha I love your sense of humor, it's true you should stop taking everything so seriously and be more relaxed :D

  • Fawlty Towers.

  • Ha! Ha! You can all call me Moi or what ever think suits my humour! I really don't mind honestly! LMAO. Hugs from, Moi :-)))

  • I'm sure you will.

  • Lets make this blog a record breaker with over a thousand posts by next Monday! LMAO... I will keep going even when on different sites... :-)

  • People need to stop taking life so seriously, after all, no one gets out alive!

  • LOL :))))) surely not

  • Serious?!! .... Moi ?

  • And no! There was no need to reboot my PC. Been playing else where no problems till I got here. Anyway good luck & have no problems with! Game Duell or Duel Cash. Now a saying we use in UK. Cat got your tongue? lol I got humour! Some are too serious that's for sure here... :-)))

  • Haha @Sile..I thought you said "going from longest WAILING list"..opps sorry, I've got bad eyes today.too much heat ;)) Please Stay safe everyone xxx

  • rander, RG was a bloody bingo site in 2003, the gambling wing of Midas, latterly King. The 3-headed beast actually had quite a good model back then, with the popular licensed Popcap games as a draw to entice players to try the native games.

  • Been busy elsewhere Elaine? ;)

  • I have more than 100 on hold since March, and I read in the German forum that there are also many complaining about it

  • I only popped on for a few minutes! To read but a few minutes before that I got this message! This site can’t be reached ok holidays again ha ha... Very convenient when players are trying to play freerolls & so on! Talk about Fawlty Towers? UK TV Comedy! Or should I say? no I better not say! LOL...

  • Ooer Matron!

  • That's a bummer trying to be positive here maybe going from longest waiting first?

  • The Irish have had lots of practice with the withdrawal method :P *ducks*

  • Comgame, not had my withdrawal yet.

  • Frying pan into the fire rander. Do the research, anyone linked with esports is going to be dodgy. Even now, at it's lowest ebb, King/RG still has more than 6 games.