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  • Just played Papa Pear in Freeroll and I'm in first place!! I'm sure it won't last but it's nice to be there if only for a short while.

  • Just have to get the last word in.

  • Now I took a screenshot of the how it works for withdrawls stating that the most is about 14 days. Therefore 3 months and they are in violation of their own terms and conditions. Add that to my other screenshot and presto. Ammunition. Bout to load the clip bitches!!!!

  • Let it rest yes many a true word spoken!

  • I'm reading some of my friends comments/posts! So dam funny...Well I'm off to play my freerolls now see if I can win a penny if the dam games load??? daily spinner is like "Russian Roulette" Ha! Ha! Then I'm off to play 9 ball. Anybody win over 50p on freerolls let me know how you done it? ☀️ˋ‿ˊ☀️

  • Wrong guy to screw with Royal, Wrong frrrrrrrrrrrigggggin guy!

  • oh good job Royal consistency is so important. thank you for consistently having a black screen & un-playable daily freeroll! yet again bubble witch was a no go. well done! oh as an aside i laughed so hard at the mighty savior susan comment. good one! PS HAS ANYONE GOTTEN MONEY BACK FROM ROYAL YET?

  • PW, you just do what you want to do and just let it rest. Let everyone make their own decision.

  • It is a community blog not an advertising platform.

  • @Bridgette14 don't worry luv. The screenshot I have saved( external harddrive) Shows my withdrawl, the date and my current acct balance. I send that to Paypal, maybe |I sick them on Royal. Screw the fake legal battle, they about to get a real one.

  • If I was obsessed with winning money I can go to a casino, the corner shop sells scratchcards and there are several bookmakers within walking distance. If I want to go somewhere else I will I don't need it rubbing in my face every 20 mins.

  • @PW - obviously wasn't British

  • @PW I tried looking but can't find anything right now. Maybe another time I can look better.

  • If the second ship was made of papier mache, then no I would not jump.

  • It depends on who manufactured the ships.

  • PlanetWaves.. who cares.. if you was on a sinking ship, wouldn't you jump ships??

  • Isn't there something in RG's Terms and Conditions about not using the site to advertise another business?

  • IF Comgame gets a blog sign me up. You're sharp as a tack and your sense of humor is unyielding! You're a gift to us all. Your fan always~

  • Well so do I maybe they will get a blog so you can chat away to your hearts content over there instead of spamming RG's blog.

  • Yes they are! Another saying to me is? trying to pull the wool over our eyes! Don't wash with me & many other players for sure!!! Enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone! Where ever you are in the world & stay safe & well... "E" ◕‿◕ xx