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  • thank you for your help, I will write it in English this time, how did you get your payment to them? by sending paypal a complaint or how?

  • Astrix, read back in this very blog. Some people have received their withdrawals. Seems the way to go is to screenshot your withdrawal request and send it to Paypal.

  • Astrixxx Starn0ga & Cheekbones3 sind zwei, von denen ich weiß, dass sie ihr Geld erhalten haben.

  • @Astrixxx next time use English please haha, I get the same thing when I go to withdraw money from my account, we all got scammed here, I deposited too much money for years in RG

  • To paraphrase Monty Python, "Scam scam scam scam, lovely scam, wonderful scam"

  • Not old information mtunes, current financial listings, which we linked to in blog not long ago, while your acc was still dormant. Meanwhile your beloved site doesn't even have a registered address in the State it's allegedly operating from.

  • Let's give it up for Old' Macdonald....♫Old' Macdonald had a farm...E-I-E-I-0 oooo...::))

  • CV lol that so funny :)))

  • Anyway, seen a much better offer on Gumtree. "For sale, world's largest game site, £1 ono. Games not included but comes with very lively community. Owner moving to Cayman Islands (at a steady 8-10knots) so has no further use for it" PO Box 6789, Malta. Anyone fancy going halves with me? ;)

  • @C_V yes, it appears to be a "wheeze" alright..good call ;))

  • maddisontigger send a ticket as rander said that way I got the bonus too, and if you have any problem with the game send a ticket they will surely refund the entry fee too, hope it helps :)

  • Crystal_Voyager You are wrong, you are seeing old information, because you think this site is more dead every day? it will become a free games page, nothing more.

  • What an obvious wheeze to harvest email adds, bank and credit card details along with plenty of identifying information. Just offer a bunch of morons a few pence for "free".

  • @mtunes, now you're just embarrassing yourself. King can't sell Royal, Midas/King/Royal are the same company.

  • but of course its not as good as here because you obviously can't PM or blog, and when the honey moon is over the freebie carrots will dry up.

  • great rander1958 thanks for the information for sure I will try the site to see how it goes, I think it's a good idea that there are new sites, otherwise it's boring always the same, it's good to try different games ;)

  • maddisontigger there are games like midas that was here and bejeweld that are classics, if you want the bonus I got it by submitting a ticket and they credited me after a while!

  • Is there any game that you recommend me rander1958? and how do I get the dollar bonus that was mentioned before?

  • @comgame Sorry about message settings. Glad I'm not the only one trying behind the scenes. I always enjoyed the banter (and jokes!!) here and now it's kind of hard to follow. Heading back to lurker mode now :)

  • @pogs54 Well done on your score on the freeroll on" Diamond Digger" Great to see genuine & good players win! I got 2p but can't complain it was free. All the best to you! Your a great player & always have been. Stay safe ok, best wishes, from, South Wales. "E" :-))) x