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  • I see all those bots still talking about duelcash.. so annoying. and sending private messages too :( Maybe that's Fool's doing, he is probably the one who edits this massage board

  • Come to think of it, same question to Kingy too please.

  • Astrix, show me where they have Midas Mahjong, Crescendo Catcher, Storm Chaser, African Rainmaker, TMS, Keyword, Wordlink, Mahjong Fortuna, Mahjong Treasure, Cookie Rookie, Duckpond Dash, Orchido, Polar Bear Bounce, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Mdel Studio please.

  • Good night JB..enjoy the rest of your evening..I'm logging off in a bit as well. Night all. Please stay safe xx

  • Heading off to watch TV.

  • A man walks into the psychiatrist’s office with a zucchini up his nose, a cucumber in his left ear, and a breadstick in his right ear. He says, “Doctor, what is wrong with me?" The psychiatrist replies, “You are not eating properly.”

  • I'm back to what I said earlier maybe a disgruntled ex employee probably the one that created the PayPal mess. hence knowing all the key words to say here to lure people over, just a thought.

  • I am done.

  • We wish very much they had their own blog,have ours back that belongs here.

  • Again hopefully things will start to improve now. Look none of us care how many sites people are on its their business after all, but to tout for business in someone's backyard is just so wrong.

  • I'm one of those players that if they don't play for money they don't have fun hahaha and to top it off you can't deposit more here either.

  • I left the site for a while when I went on a trip and didn't have time for work but when I came back to play I expected to receive my payment, it always took a week or two to pay royal and now it's been half a year almost nothing :(

  • Yay I won 79c on the freeroll I can play a cash game lolol :)))

  • But welcome back after your 4 month absence, maybe that's why your withdrawal has been slow?

  • Astrix, as explained before, by paying you out a very small sum, they have now verified your email address, and some kind of bank/payment detail. You are now in deep scheiss my friend, suggest you contact your bank to change your cards and ask Paypal to use a new email.

  • Astixxx there was obviously a breach of Paypal rules/regulations they can freeze accounts for 6 months without question, its just 6 months now and maybe that is why some have been paid. The reason why other places where you receive money is still working is because they haven't breached.

  • any of the listed games and "play for free". It will start to load then spit the dummy at your private/incognito status, no genuine site would be bothered by that. Similar if you try using a more secure OS such as Linux, it doesn't like it so won't let you even sample a free game. Dodgy as f...

  • Astrixxx maybe PM one or both of the 2 names I said, asking if it was just the late payment or they got it by other means.

  • info, then go to duelcash or gameduel, doesn't matter which, just different skins for same company. Click on ad choices and refuse all targeted, only check "essential tracking cookies", then ask why it makes no difference whatsoever to the adverts displayed. If that hasn't yet put you off, choose

  • If anyone wishes to make their own mind up, here is a "relatively safe" way to do so. Obviously if you know how to setup a sandbox browser, that's better, but this will do you for a cursory look. Open up a private browsing/incognito mode window (not Edge tho, that willstill leak too much identifying