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  • I once saw a Black Sabbath Tribute band call Consparanoid.

  • When I discovered I’d been the victim of ID theft, I was absolutely liv.

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xu8CMdwBkl8

  • Bet they earn more than $1 selling on your email address.

  • Interesting mix up, John Bonham was the alternative drummer when they found that Bev Bevan was already tied up in The Move (who later became ELO). Both joint third in my greatest drummers list, behind the joint No. 1's, Ginger Baker and Buddy Rich.

  • Some are? lol :))

  • No Led Zep compilation :))

  • E L O album?

  • Beam me up to the Mothership ;))

  • Whatever happened to Sandshoes and Ponchos?

  • No worries JB some of us are listening ;-))

  • Thanks PW,really appreciate it :))

  • Yes, he played Erik Estrada before donning an orange bathing suit in Boobwatch.

  • Been watching Little Shop of Horrors Sile? Audrey just needs feeding.

  • Was Poncho the bloke in CHIPS?

  • Oh, I approve of Led Zep albums, at least the ones before Coda.

  • Now caught somewhere between a Poncho and a Fonzie scheme, my brain hurts. Wow, a whole dollar! So if I submit 10 tickets I could earn a penny?

  • I blame the Plant.

  • A pic, not a Led Zep album that is......

  • Comgame reckons she had one approved overnight not long back...... No joke