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  • Firefox v89 runs mostly very smoothly here.

  • Now technology has taken over and we have lost our identity of who we really are.

  • Not so long ago when the web did not exist people were respectful of others. Life was relaxed with no outside interference and we all lived in a positive and forward looking world.

  • The more people nag at you about the same thing, the more deaf you become!

  • SLUTAT skicka DuelCash.com denna sida är för IDIOTER. Vi normala spelar på RoyalGames

  • Someone mentioned some time ago in another blog that the Germans always won the freerolls. I have been watching it since that time and I have to agree. The Germans indeed are always winning the freerolls. I don't have anything against them but it still seems strange.

  • GUESTION ! Has RG decided to eliminate the Club members/green players ???? I have just checked my account/subscription status and it is impossible to RENEW my subscription ?!? Subscription expiration day is mentioned, but, NOTHING about renewal. Please comment. Thanks.

  • play. Next time one overruns, I'm going to screenshot the top placings at 1am, then again after tournie closes, the extra names are either cheats or staff.

  • number of high scores appear between 1am and when it finally closes. I scored just short of 2mill and was in 24th at 1am. There were 20 scores >2mill in the 2hours. But, 19 more scores over 2mill appeared between 1am and 1:37am, as many in those 37 mins as had done so in legit time. Stinks of foul

  • @lwalker, nice theory but no. All dailies are 2 hours regardless of local time. But occasionally, we get something fishy like this. Usually see any winnings from a daily added to balance within minutes of closing time at 1am (UK time). But when freeroll doesn't close on time, you see an unnatural

  • Madamskie, I got the exact same message from Brutus65 yesterday & went to his page & asked him why he sent me a message in German. He was a player then, today no.

  • @crystal, that is a two hour freeroll. Looks like players times are for two and a half hours. Wonder if the extra half hour is for places that do not observe day light savings time. Kind of a compensation to make it two hours for all. Just a thought.

  • 24th place paid 21p, so that's another 9p you owe me Kingy, in cash, not NWF !

  • ...annnd it's just closed with a 12p win, wonder how much that extra 37 minutes cost me?

  • PP freeroll should have closed over 1/2 hour ago, yet somehow scores are coming in knocking me down from 24th to 43rd. Usually see balance change just after 1am if I've been lucky, but when freeroll suspiciously stays open, that's when the biggest drops in placings occur.

  • @pcmacbob, go to settings. Under communications un check receive member messages.

  • You mean messages on here?

  • RG or whoever reads this, PLEASE stop sending me emails about the other site getting 5 a day Is there a way to block all emails

  • I have no issues playing.Using Opera now.

  • free beta tester here: daily freespin pepper panic spin took 4 1/2 min to load...the daily spin of bubble saga froze in the middle of the game not allowing me to complete the game. F- for the day you clowns. F- for the site over all. #GiveUsTheMoneyYouOweUs No1 is having fun here anymore!! #Fixit