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  • Is closed. Thanks to the player below me, I was trying to find more out! Not copy what you posted. :-)

  • If you'd like to permanently close your King.com account, please contact our support staff through the Contact function in our "Help" section. Before you close your account we advise you to withdraw the remaining cash in your account balance. You will receive an email notifying you that your account

  • Thanks I found this? if I can get it all in my next post??? :-)

  • What I found... "If you'd like to permanently close your King.com account, please contact our support staff through the Contact function in our "Help" section".

  • No nothing about closing your account! Even went to! Account overview. If anyone can find close my account please let us know in case I've miss read somewhere??? take care ok! :-)

  • To the last player who asked about closing your account! That is strange? I just checked it & would normally show on account if you want to shut it down! No it does not show that option anymore! Also checked account & same. I will double check in case I'm wrong?

  • Unless the site have changed the rules here? when I changed mine! I changed email no problem! But at to confirm the new password twice! Then it was done & no emails... Check the spelling of the emails you receive please. There are more I would like to post to but now sorry. Be on guard... :-)

  • Hello, I had word over two weeks ago about some scammers on this site! I was strongly advised to change email & password! Do not & I mean do not open emails when you don't know who they come from? could be deadly links that try to get in your computer??? I've changed mine twice in 2 weeks!

  • How exactly do we go about closing our account?

  • @bee082, no sign of the adders, don't think the extended winter was very kind to them. Seems a bumper time for "bitey" insects though, loads of gnats, midges etc... and had a number of unpleasant flying beetle type things attack head and get tangled in hair.

  • Looks like they've run out of old green accounts and now phishing for others. :(

  • "you requested to change your password" email. So someone is trying to get my account now. Like waiting withdrawal 5 months and 0 score problems wasn't enough.

  • Ross, not recommended unless you've had both jabs and own a haz-mat suit.

  • Yes, an update would be nice. I can't play if I have no money!

  • G23 iceman is still around, won 3 in a row recently. Com, hope you have a wonderful time with your family. Trying to plan a trip myself to Bournemouth to see 2 of my granddaughters. Been over 2 years since I last saw them, hoping to get down in August.

  • Comgame, how wonderful! Happy Birthday!

  • I have also been waiting for my withdrawing for many months. I think an solution must be around the corner. Its sad that we cant get the money directly to the visa card. I pay with a visa card so just send the money back please.. ;(

  • Hello , I have played here for so many years. Made them so much money and now RG you spit in our faces `? Seriously what is going on....we still make you money even tho we cant withdraw or deposit . Seriously give us an update and fix the issue !

  • I do not think is normal to keep your users/players without any update regarding withdrawal issue for almost 2 months. So unprofessional and untrustworthy. I do not mind loosing that money at all at this point after 6 months waiting but just be honest, we deserve it after playing all this years.

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NxqpRhr8xnw.