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  • @granite 23...I play CC Saga every day and have had no problems with it...xxx

  • debbiep..well I still want to deposit here and hope we will be able to soon.

  • Looks like the Freerolls are worthless too

  • I used up all the money I had and was wondering if I should deposit or not. After reading the comments I don't think it is a good idea. I think I will let them have my $.16 and stay with the no cost games. Does the Fool ever come here anymore?

  • @gG23 , I play the soda version every day and have had no problems at all .

  • I play Candy crush Saga on my Kindle. Haven't been able to log in & play for nearly a week now. Looking at complaints, I see it's not just me, but others are saying so as well! Definitely something going on I think. Good point though, won £2.80 & came 13th on a free roll on Princes Peony!! G23 x

  • Eurogamer article 8/6/2021: "Candy Crush maker King investigated by PayPal over Royal Games site"

  • "We understand the impact account holds may have and our dedicated team is always available to assist customers with questions that they have."

  • "PayPal has served UK businesses, charities and consumers for almost 20 years," a PayPal spokesperson said. "We are committed to the highest levels of compliance, and our decisions on account holds, or other actions, are designed to protect both buyers and sellers. "

  • OK, this is weird, I just re-read the Eurogamer article and it has changed slightly! Now Paypal aren't confirming either way, just this: "When contacted, PayPal told Eurogamer that it could not comment on individual cases due to customer confidentiality." So why tell customers that all is ok?

  • Players who say that paypal told them there's no problem - doesn't make sense. There was an article on Eurogamer recently stating that paypal confirmed with them that they ARE investigating Royalgames but could not say why for legal reasons! So I don't know why paypal are telling customers diffo.

  • That's weird why DC are closing some accounts. Mine ok so far, and I notice the legendary vixen known as gamergoddess has re-emerged from her slumber! She seems to be happily dominating over there once more and they haven't shut her down either. So very much see how it goes I suppose.

  • I have most of blackscreens on the spinner games, Contacted RG and they say it's a free game so they can't give you back anything. It's not a free game, I have to play lots of money games to get the spinner games, Have had over 70 blackscreens. Give us back money for the spinner games...

  • How do you play challenges? Site will not let me do that!

  • @milwscruffy, check this out: https://prnt.sc/16gk75k That box controls language and also how the dates read but it doesn't change the flag with your avatar as that cannot be changed.

  • I won £4.90 on a freeroll game brilliant been playing money games just the 35p ones not won a penny King taking and not giving back hope everyone ok take care xxxx

  • GoldenSkeleton, here in the US 02/06/22 is February 6th 2022. June 6th would be 06/06/2022. There in lies the confusion I believe. My re-qualification date has remained the same since it was first posted in March. So with that being said, the new date should be 05/06/2022 or May 6th 2022 in the US

  • Ooops! apologies to Help angel! I've just realised that I am repeating what has already been written on the previous page.... =)

  • Hi @ milwscruffy. You wrote: VIP start date: 03/03/21 ( 03/ March/ 2021 ) VIP re-qualification date: 02/06/22 ( 02/ June/ 2022 ) This is 15 months from your VIP ( 12 + 3 ). Hope this helps, or am I misunderstanding ? kind regards.

  • @micmod if you look at previous posts, there has been problems with withdrawals so they have stopped deposits. Makes sense really