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  • again bonus spinner bubble saga froze 1/2 way through & wouldnt aim. it stuttered while frozen but would not let me shoot or allow me to tell where the ball would go if it wasnt frozen. all the while the time kept right on ticking down. Frozen games black screens 3 min load times NO PAYOUTS score F-

  • Na 15 jaar heb ik besloten om te stoppen nog langer geld te spenderen aan een spel site die nog maar voor de helft te gebruiken is. Wens de overige spelers die hier blijven veel speel plezier. Groetjes Beppie

  • Of course the freerolls are the same as every week, this is automatically done, just ss every repose for every support-ticket. As there has now been 7(!!!) months without any withdraws and a handful of updates regarding the issue there is no one actually caring nor taking care of this site

  • @Susan 462 oke thnx for youre answer but this site is not what it was every time problems now for weeks thst you cant put any money on your account and they says evrey time we are working on it

  • @ayada Ik ken geen andere site die zo goed is als hier, zelfs als je nog geen storting kunt doen.

  • Hello all..happy Friday and I hope you have a lovely mid-summer weekend. Stay safe please xx

  • Wie weet er nog een leuke site waar je voor geld kan spelen want hier kan je niet eens geld zetten op je account duurt nu al weken sorry dat het niet in het engels is maar dat is niet zo goed

  • @ronny I was not moaning. Do not see any comment that is bloody moaning but yours.

  • WHAT

  • hoppas att alla spelare får en trevlig midsommar med fint väder ute

  • ace solitair cards turn so slow run out of time BUT then the music plays great and the mice dance brilliant pfffffffffffffftt taking the piss aint you clown

  • and at least you can play them stop bloody moaning when seems some of us lucky to play one

  • And this Tuesdays freerolls were same as LAST week. Yes I have noticed this. If you view all games there are not many to play

  • I know there aren't many games to choose from these days but would be nice to mix them up a bit. Anyway, at least they're free. :)

  • Same freerolls as last Friday.