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  • Hi, I never get friend requests so I logged in to find 27, just deleted all of them, I did not think to block but will next time. Very annoying

  • @Terror..thanks for letting us know that support is now aware of the spammer "friend" trolls. Hopefully they'll be able to stop them.

  • Click handle request,then block them.Then return to message and delete.

  • i too have been hit with the scam friend requests 21 today .deleted the lot

  • I was trying to handle the rest of those fake requests now when I go to handle them there are no friend requests there. How weird but they are still in my messages. Going to screen shot them all.

  • Had a reply to my ticket to Support--RG is now aware of the problem.

  • I had 47 friends requests from assholes claiming that Royal Games has partnered with Dualcash. These are scammers. You become a member you deposit money & then you get nothing your money is gone. They must think we are idiots.

  • @ susan462. I'm with you on that. I can still see messages from my friends no problem! Others seem to be struggling with it though? Take care G23 xx

  • Thanks for posting the Birthday/Anniversary list Jean xxx

  • just deleted over 20 random requests for friends to try and get me to join anotherr site all now gone and will keep doing so

  • Hello all! IF you been get 1 new friend invite lock if the user/player have more then 1 day member on royalgames. If only 1 day member? Is only to black maile members of royalgames. Please report it and print screen it so the can help the crew! Is not ok.

  • OMA'S birthday List 28 June: --------- BARBARA144 --- DIDDLECRAZY --- ELINE8880 --- EMANUELLE ---FILLEBOB------------ thanks xx

  • I also received multiple "friends request" today. I checked a few profiles to see how long they've been members. No shock to me, they just joined on 6/27/2021!

  • Why do spinner games blackscreen but the same game playing for money works?????? Had over 70 Blackscreens so far this year

  • You can stop blaming USA.It's someone else not speaking ENGLISH!!!!

  • news from the glitch kingDUMB: daily freeroll i love treasure spin froze on the orange open screen & i was never allowed 2 play. 97 friend requests blocked & erased. As usual susan the RG Ki$$A$$ says all is good&golden 4 her & some1 claims RG cant handle the support requests so stop bothering them!

  • I realised it was spam when the flag says USA but the language isn't english or american. Spam at it's worst.

  • I had way too many friend requests today - from nothing to too many. All wanting me to join them in playing at dualcash.com Please don't ask me to go to a site which is as suspect as that. I have deleted all the requests. I have been playing royal games forever and won't leave.

  • All the talk about the naggers only keeps them going.Just like 1st time around with the angry old gold accts.Just keep deleting and blocking.

  • I have got 20 friend requests today.