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  • The R.G. gods weren't on my side today. Less than 400k in the freeroll then a new high score of over 1 million in the very next game I played. I reckon all these crazy messages are just a way of R.G. trying to piss us all off so that we leave the site then they'll not need to fix it.

  • Has everyone quit there job at Royalgames or can we get the fucking withdraw/deposit/everyother issue with this site resolved?

  • thx, it was the first thing I did when logged in, shame we have to do it this way as all msgs are blocked now.

  • had to be someone ofcourse.

  • Quick Temporary Fix until RG get this sorted out - Go to Account - Settings - Communications & UNTICK the "Receive Member Messages" box You'll still get challenges but no memeber messages. Or just ignore them

  • some knows a way to delete these requests ( 45) at once without reading I'm not interested in idiots.

  • LOL. WAY to GO DuelCash!!! You are really making friends and influencing people. (You people are complete idiots!!! What were you thinking?)

  • what's going on in here??

  • Oh and all those "Friend Requests" deleted and members who sent them BLOCKED!

  • @CV - turning off messages for a bit because of spammers. Hope all is well! We can chat again once this nonsense is sorted.

  • Thank you all for the suggestion to untick the messages box

  • 40 new messages - all scammers to do with the unnamed site

  • @eveline1950 Not member challenges, the box underneath next to 'receive member messages'. If it has a tick, click the box and it will disappear. Then you won't get any messages at all.

  • this is bordering on harrasment - since yesterday I had over 60 friend requests all from scammers advertising this new site. I will turn messages off but sad that this means I want be able to chat to others anymore.

  • So I have to tick the box 'Receive member challenges'? Does that do the trick?

  • As others have said, just temporarily turn off your messages in 'settings' and they can't send them to you.

  • I had the same thing. Yesterday 22 and today 16 friend requests. You can't even block them, I just deleted them all again.

  • had another 18 friend requests sick of this now !!!!!!!!!!

  • To stop the 'Friend Requests ' all you need to do is go to settings and turn off messages.

  • yup, I will absolutely never even look at this duelcash site purely because of all the friend request spamming they have irritated me with - and shame on RG for not doing anything about it, once again, customer service distinctly lacking