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  • Thank you Greenoakmick,I disabled all incoming member messages including the guestbook. A great idea.

  • Thank you for the workaround. Over the last 24 hours or so I've received over 50 spam Duelcash friend requests. It is utterly ridiculous.

  • Once again try this as a Quick Temporary Fix until RG get this sorted out - Go to Account - Settings - Communications & UNTICK the "Receive Member Messages" box then click on "Save" You'll still get challenges but no memeber messages.Or alternatively ..... just ignore them

  • 52 Messages to add friend and join duelcash.

  • I log on this Morning and had 38 friends list quests' Messages reading saying that Royalgames announces partnership with duelcash.com, submit a ticket with the code ROYALBONUS and you will get 5 USD in DuelCash.

  • that some prankster or hacker is running for fun. For starters, this is a website with ZERO security, so we all risk everything playing in here. It wouldn't hurt King to spend a few Euros to add a security certificate, so this doesn't happen again!

  • I had a few messages last week trying to get me to play elsewhere. As of this morning, I had 36 friend requests, and I reported it to RG. They said they'd fix it. Now, I have 56. Yes, I, too, will shut off my messages. These aren't from a single player, it's some sort of bot program

  • @ madamskie same here whats going on.

  • turned off receiving messages, and deleted all friend requests. will leave like that for a few days, in the hope that RG can get this resolved. least we can still receive challenges. happy gaming everyone x

  • Just had to block 38 'friend requests'! Ridiculous!!!

  • RG should limit the number of friend requests or messages someone can send in a day. This would put an end to the spammers. If they could only spam 10 people per account they set up, they would give up.

  • It’s a pain in the butt having to reported these idiots all the time and block then I must of had 40 today royal is aware of them definitely very popular lady 2 days in a row I had then

  • Great idea

  • Thank you for the tip about changing settings so people can't send messages. What a waste of time to have to delete and block all those messages!!

  • Damn scammers! do not sign up to the site mentioned there isnt a partnership, its a scam to steal your money!

  • @eveline1950 That's good. :)

  • @mews459, thank you. I have done it now.

  • There all NEW accounts created... all with same message! sign up to such such a site.... is royal really allowing this crap!

  • Right Royal someone sort this crap out! had 36 friend requests all trying to get me to sign up to some dualcash crap! im not interested!!!

  • anyone suddenly get 30+ friend requests... bizzare. bots or something?