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  • Well, the spam campaign has escalated to an unprecedented level, today. It would be nice if RG actually DID anything about any of its problems.

  • Yes that will stop new friends requests.But also no messages from your friends you will recieve.

  • Just been into my settings and unticked the receive messages from other players in my communications, just to see if the friends requests will stop.

  • It don't matter the language or where from,just block and no visits either.

  • Jag har blockat 10 nya vänförfrågningar i dag, profilerna är gjorda2021-06-27

  • Block the guests. The hackers sometimes use account names of existing accounts but sometimes also new, often land flag Australia. Sometimes English language sometimes German. block them all.

  • Just blocked 4 'friend requests.' None of them had ever played a game here. Odd is it not?

  • Report and block them !!

  • Same here, 3 till now and always to go to other website..May they send a message but not a friend request !

  • Friends requests are flooding in, what's the panic with duel cash, no takers perhaps? Come on RG boot them out.

  • I also have had 4 friends requests today. Needless to say i did not accept.

  • I just had 9 friend requests from 9 different (members) who have never played any games and have no jewels. what on earth is going on here?

  • I just got 4 friend request l will reported them all and block them

  • I wonder if Royal will catch up in July as then past 6 months paypal suspension time? Will be interesting to see what happens over the next month, but much longer and I think players will finally jump ship!

  • Well looks like I just got my 2nd w/d from DC! That's a relief they are not scammers, maybe they are doing extra checks on players for cheating etc. which is good I suppose. They just need a better account statement which shows all transactions inc. balance after every cr/dr.

  • All this "friend requests" is probably someone who want to tell us to join another site the benefit from. STOP SEND FRIEND REQUESTS I ONLY BLOCK YOU

  • All this "friend requests" is probably someone who want to tell us to join another site the benefit from. Big sigh.

  • My 3rd friend request of the morning, this one from electricm6 (all 3 just joined this morning) ... doesn't say anything in the message, but in the little "globe" ball, top of page, next to messages, it had said "Royal Games announces partnership with DC" next to name. Isn't in the message however

  • any chance RG could disable friend and messages for people who are just joining up? At least until the withdrawal issue is sorted? I'm being constantly spammed. I even have an account at the other site, but frankly, it's a bit rubbish - I would much prefer to stay here.

  • Why are they all 222 yrs old ? I just got 3 requests