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  • I had no problem finding my daily practice challenges or my actual friends emails. I block, delete and ignore the troll spam" friend" requests as soon as I get them. Irritating, yet still no problem.

  • The barbarians are at the gate! The Roman Empire was conquered when it's taxes (deposits) became so onerous that citizens could no longer pay them. Desperate to avoid these high bills, they actually abetted the barbarians in their sack of Rome, itself. The, once mighty, RG must "beware the Ides."

  • Don't you realize that by bombarding support with the same complaints you are taking their time away from fixing the issue. I'm sure by now they are aware of what's going on...xxx

  • 20 million friend requests today had to turn my messages off, what the hell do I need a friend for ? Don't want or need any friends If duel cash is that great, why waste your time spamming everyone on here?.

  • @Two_GunKid Nice one! Well we can all hope & dream! This is a nightmare, you can't find your friends challs/ or mail because of the spam mails! Hope RG's get's on the case tomorrow??? I missed two of the freerolls because of this, but no problem they were free! Take care ok. "E" :-)

  • I've been getting them too.

  • I've had about twenty friend requests today. Did I win the Euromillions and someone forgot to tell me?

  • me too

  • getting really sick of all the friend requests and duelcash spam

  • I also had an inbox full of friend requests, all within a few seconds of each other. VERY STRANGE! Why would this happen?

  • I just had 19 friend requests,it is spam and its the same person from DuelCash.com

  • @rockin-robyn, good idea but how many players would actually want to turn off challies? I've been accumulating my "invites" then copy screen, send it to Support, and block/delete them buggers. At least this way RG would know which new accounts are fake.

  • Iám a member since 03 and never had problems with pay outs even if it was an amount of 10K.... I now have around 9K in account, fairly played together! but slowly get worried whats going on here...

  • Yes Terror, they know when Admin are on duty! I just pray RG'S Will catch them soon...

  • i think we should all bombard Support until they fix this

  • are there players who get paid out withdrawals?

  • ust logged in again and saw 21K+ players online... past weeks it was around 6K.... you people in here have a clue why its suddenly so many more being online??? now its 18.000...... And I:m also curious about pay outs....

  • Their trying to distract us from playing here? spamming our mail boxes so it takes ages to find our friends challenges! This is no joke...

  • maybe we all need to turn our challenges off for awhile and take away their fun

  • They're doing on a weekend because they know RG techs are not around.