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  • Tuesday freerolls?

  • It's all much simpler than that. They're just slowly bleeding us out til we get bored and go away, instead of forming a consortium and taking them to task.

  • enough that they can't pay us, enough that when we try to play game get blackscreens, and the worse is that if they ever get the pay out working there going to charge us to get the money LOL

  • @pnavillia - you maketh a compeling point - but alas it falls upon deaf ears....

  • My guess about the missing Freerolls is why offer them if the winners can't withdraw their money, or they finally ran out of money to pay us...xxx

  • .HoLY CRaP! I hadn't thought about it till you said the words "psychological experiment" <¡oHMYGoD!> VAULT-TEC is running royal games lol JK but there's some1 who knew how to psychotically torture its clients! Clown in mommy's basement could've ​been taking notes!

  • @dehowletts: Are your messages and challenges turned off?

  • It's really strange to me that nobody at King is responding. Just leaving everything here with no supervision. I hope the Fool is OK... Maybe he/she is sick?

  • how disappointing no free rolls.....another nail in the coffin haha

  • No Tuesday free rolls? Not surprising. The folks running things are too busy counting our money and laughing to post new free rolls. The idea of paying us interest for our money should be old hat to them...they've been playing the game for millennia. This site is too broke to fix.

  • Is it Tuesday? No freerolls? Just when you thought things couldn't get any worse. Is this a psychological experiment?

  • Where are the Tuesday freerolls?

  • It's almost like they're making money off of us and we expect things to work properly in exchange. Weird.

  • Having said that, I think they should start paying us interest on outstanding withdrawal requests since Feb

  • It's funny how we get accustomed to a certain level of service and when we don't get it, we feel super entitled. Beggars can't be choosers.

  • what can i say same shite different day

  • I wonder if the daily free spin will be working

  • @Two-GunKid - Apologies, but the technical dept is blaming climate change on Adobe and the discontinued flash player @hystrida – no surprises here mate

  • Apologies KING-AL. Both satire and sarcasm are lost on oh say 40% of my brethren. Literal interpretations for eveything save the "mysteries" of science!

  • what rising covid cases ? BS