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  • @salboes, the C/Prince did it and now is hiding from you. Rub his nose in it so he doesn't do it again. :) Or take a printscreen of it, visual evidence that King are 5h1tting on us from a great height.

  • Are you sure it wasn't just one of these guys? <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9N9sfwmM9-Y&list=RD9N9sfwmM9-Y&start_radio=1&rv=9N9sfwmM9-Y&t=0

  • I only play Princess Peony when it comes up on Freerolls and the last time this happened there appeared to be a pile of poo on one of the squares. I've never seen that before. Can anyone tell me what the hell it was and how I should have 'dealt' with it??!! Thanks

  • Crystal, that song's not been in the charts since 2008?

  • @qcuck, Foolie buggered off to Candy Crush land years ago, since then we've had a series of "temps" posting under various names. Maybe they'll leave us this blog in their will/suicide note, plenty of players past and present could do an honest job here.

  • So, no Tuesday freerolls, and you still haven't put my money in my PayPal account. I see y'all are still recovering from the Flashdance with aplomb. Keep up the crappy work! AND WHERE IS WORDLINK???

  • @joahcim Wow, I didn't expect to see you when I randomly opened another blog post for the first time in ages. :) Sorry about the messaging thing, I didn't even realize it was turned off. I wasn't even aware that this option existed. Kinda makes me feel stupid, but it should be working fine now.

  • Congrats to England's players!

  • He thought he was funny saying that about the free rolls being there,but he really wasn"t :-/

  • @29crater, if they don't run them, then they should pay back the dormant accounts and those that were closed illegally, the funds on those accounts were put into the freeroll pot. We can help King track down the next of kin if necessary, or contact players who were banned for whistleblowing.

  • Unlucky Denmark, you played a great tournament and hope Eriksen has a speedy recovery. But, after 50 years of hurt, Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline" has finally made the charts. :)

  • You're correct mrsballet there are no freerolls in calendar, he's messing with us!

  • their is no freerolls in the calendar

  • OMA'S birthday list 8 of July: ------------COCODUBAI ------ MONA.PE ------ PAUL_LAWRENCE1 ------ Thanks x x

  • Hey check calendar free rolls in their ;-))

  • rach_087 Is it coming home? Hope so! :)

  • Come on England! :)

  • Ty :)

  • And painter ;)