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  • @Sile, you were over here during Hurricane Fish iirc, and Kent/Sussex/Hampshire have had several quakes. Couple of times I've woken in the night only to find out later that was the exact time of the quake/tremor.Not surprising really, we've destabilised the bed of the North Sea since the early 70s,

  • Sorry having a vent & not happy how RS's can allow these fake account's! (SPAMMERS INTO THEY'RE SITE/ SYSTEM) I will give my computer over to my Daughter on Sun/ she will be happy lol! But can't say the words I really want to here. She warned me 6 yrs ago. Off I go had enough. Take are all... "E" xx

  • RG's should be sorting this out! Like you & many others here have enough to deal with in the real world not this shambles... You know how to contact me! Some of us are not good on a Tech side, jeeps be glad to see my Daughter on Sunday at a distance for her! Birthday. Not seen her since Feb/ 2020.

  • Sile, I know you try your best to help us! But I don't have a clue? I've blocked all 70 spammers too date over the last 3wks! If possible? can you break the screenshot down a little please? for us to understand more, but they still come back when my messages are on! And should not be your problem 2n

  • Just press handle request block then back arrow block then back arrow and so on, only takes seconds and you don't miss genuine messages.

  • Seems the hackers are back sending friend after friend request.. temporarily turned off receiving messages again to resolve issue.

  • You should be able to send a free challenge just not a face off cash game, as they have made the 3 player not HTH.

  • Maybe I missed all the comments, and they might be way back - but challenges are now turned off for all games? I've just tried to send some to a friend, and it doesn't matter what game I've tried, a message appears that "challenges are turned off for this game"

  • @Terror I remember the 1989 quake, wasn't that during a World Series game? It was a devastating one for the area. I'd lived in LA for a couple of years, and experienced my first in October 1987. It wasn't until I experienced more small quakes, I realized how helpless everyone is in the face of them

  • Ohh yes I remember that the freeway collapsed scary stuff.

  • I just got home from work that day and was in the middle of changing when it hit and I was flying own the stairs half-dressed to get outside. Looked out of the window and saw the street was rippling with asphalt waves...then it stopped just as suddeny.

  • Sile, earthquakes are not fun but you kind of get used to the little tremors. The worst I've ever been through was Loma Prieta in 1989. It caused lots of devastation in San Francisco. We lived on the coast then but we didn't have any structural damage.

  • @Sas that's some scary stuff hun. I hope things settle down and no more aftershocks. Stay safe xx

  • @Terror1001 - what a magical piece of information! Now I know what to do with my poo!!! I'm off to bury that sh*t!!!!!!

  • Susan, did you know that Southern California is called "Shake and Bake"? They have a lot of earthquakes there and also the temps are very hot during summer. We have our share in Northern Cal. but not as bad.

  • I saw that on the tracker its seems very active > http://prntscr.com/19lhyrk < we would have forty fits here if we experienced a single tremor, how do you live with them all the time?

  • @susan 462, it was a magnitude 5.9 earthquake struck south of Lake Tahoe near the California-Nevada border about an hour ago. Was felt in Sacrament and even in San Francisco!

  • Its already tomorrow here hun so we have them under starting today :)

  • @ross... On the Calendar there is a tab for "Starting Tomorrow" it shows them there.

  • ross here they are > http://prntscr.com/19lgfvm