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  • If I turn off my messages, shall I receive my challenges? I don't think that I'll turn off my messages. I just ignore them. ;D

  • > as far as I am concerned they can all go forth and multiply! stay safe and well everyone. slainte Sile.

  • Ahhh hun you don't have to be a technical wizard to press on the envelope and just ignore the FR even if it is frustrating, all the time we mention it and I am guilty of that today with these posts the 'eejits' are laughing at everyone so I have said my last opinion on the matter of spamming and >

  • Sile, don't go there you know what I'm like on the tech side! I told my Daughter I'm going on a (IT TECH) course she said best of luck you will need it! I asked her a few questions? she said sort it out yourself! LOL... I said wait till I see you it will be pay back? when you want washing done! :-)

  • >mindless eejits mess with whatever enjoyment is left with the site or advertise their stupid actions.

  • With the greatest respect Elaine I don't see why you can't find your challies there are 20 messages per page & the individual subjects are visible for example the 3 friends requests here > https://prnt.sc/188zj77 < so just ignore them if no challies in that 20 click next and so on. Don't let >>

  • Sile, well worded! But like many I can't find my challs/ form the spammer! I got better things to do? like learning how to play some of the games, after 11 yrs here... Ha! Ha! I suppose we got to look at the funny side! Or did I play too much of the! Funny Farm game years ago??? "E" :-))) xx

  • when are we going to be able to make deposits.

  • >they can fill my msg box all they like I won't be opening them, and at the end of the month they drop out of my in box anyway. you will be able to pick out the genuine messages from your friends so no big deal. Have a great weekend et al and stay safe. slainte Sile

  • For what its worth just ignore the eejits the more you publicise your dismay here, the more they get out of it. I originally turned my PM's off but then realised doing that they were winning again by my responding. So now its business as usual for me. I don't accept FR from random people anyway>>

  • You can contact your friends via challenges, even if you don't play them? in my eyes that's the safest way at the moment until "RG's" get on the case! I know it's hard, but like I said it's the safest way at the moment! Good luck & take care ok. "E" :-)

  • @Ernco Turn your messages off! Yes you can block the user! But don't help much? it's a spammer! He/She will come back on another account! My messages were off for 3 days & had no problem then. But I turned messages back on & got spammed again! 2nd

  • @Emco just spammers delete and block

  • Did I say 10?.. I could not see the other ones. I've got at least 80!!! :/

  • Hmm I have got 10 "new friend requests. All new accounts and all 222 years old :D It must be the same person.

  • That's the only game I have problems with! "Bubble Witch" & the! Daily Spinner. I don't even bother now? I always get the message sorry!!! Anyway like I said earlier have a lovely weekend where ever you live in the! World... "E" :-)))

  • Fair comments! But some players are not able to be on this site every day for work & other reasons! And also forget to turn their messages off! Just hope they don't get spammed like most of us did a few day's ago! I will send another ticket in soon to! Admin for the latest account's I had...

  • black screen on bubble witch again and again...sooo annoying!

  • C_V I just turn my pm messages on when I come online here and just before I log off here I turn the pm messages off. So far I've only had 1 of those crazy "friend" requests in the last 4 days. I can handle that. lol

  • And stop posting here! Or well I guess the problem is not resolved yet. Because their watching us! & I'm also watching my email that I use for this site. I turned off earlier as you see on my profile & had no more spammers! And that's the it stays till! "RG's" sort it out! Take care you & all... "E"