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  • Any chance we could get BW & BS in a freeroll? Please :)

  • OMA'S Birthday List 4 of July: --------------- EJC67 -------- SLDAKU ----------------SASSIESOZ--------- Thanks x x x

  • Ditto!! x

  • @G23 his 1st comment was down right rude. I don't dare say certain things here anymore or bother posts blogs.I have been critized for doing that.

  • @ RopentaStones I find your 1st comments at about 7pm down right offensive. A lot of people on this site have many different issues. We are here for many reasons. But there is no need to brag if you are perfect or have nothing else to say. Have you just opened your eyes to the world?

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-13dnsoH8w :-)

  • RopentaStones You are boring, thanks.

  • The money we play with is no longer real...I just now enjoy the challenge...as I did before, when I could withdraw. Yes it has gone a bit pooh! but I still like it haha!

  • ...is now fictional money...but I have never encountered any of the issues mentioned in these comments in the umpteen years I've been using this site. I'm so confused. I've never had a game blank out, never had a game cancel when I got a good score, never had any spam, etc etc. I'm curious.

  • Is everyone commenting on here high on drugs, struggling with mental health and the reality of life and fiction, just an idiot, a random troll, experiencing a different site to me or just saying words in a random pattern in the hope that they make sense? Because yes, we can't deposit or withdraw.

  • You can't do face offs with gold players.You either need 3 people or face off a player who doesn't pay to play or a club player.

  • Don't be fooled by RG. Go and have a look at the best singer in the Netherlands Floor Jansen the front lady of the Finnish band Nightwish, sweet woman. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QW_3F186_5Q

  • Does anyone have any idea why Hoop De Loop is not available for Challenges or Faceoffs? Is it just an oversight on the part of RG management . . . yet another thing that it has NEGLECTED to do?

  • Why are games not loading??

  • @Mothymary whoever told you that newer computers are experiencing more problems is talking absolute crap. I've recently bought a new HP Envy TE01-1004na and have no more problems than I did with the old one. I just get the occasional black screen on some games on the bonus spinner.

  • Try Opera browser and see if it helps.I wouldn't put windows 11 on my pc.Some from reading on Google News aren't happy with it.

  • Is windows 11 available now and can RG users benefit, have been told that people with newer computers are struggling with games not loading well, my computer is 3yr old and apart from two games that do not finish, do not do so badly, I do get all my freerolls

  • They could trace IP. But takes a lot of time! It might not come from the same household? they could all live in the same area but different places? & all different IP addresses & fake flags, which I've seen many times! Don't ask me how because I don't know how they do it! But is possible... "E" :-)

  • Can't they find the IP and block it? They are more than one, working for the same company. It starts at about 6 am and stops at about 10 pm. That means it is a country where it's a little bit later than Europe (1-2 hours of difference maybe).

  • Sile, don't swear in Irish? I will have to google it! LOL. I tried to send a message not so long ago to a friend in Germany! OMG! It came out wrong, but he seen the funny side because is English is good. Maybe I should message in Welsh? that will be even worse! Enjoy your weekend even if in work. x