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  • Anyone else having trouble with bonus spinner?

  • @kez - don't think Jaquielawson cards would be happy with you posting their name on here??

  • Here is a beautiful card for all my USA friends on here https://www.jacquielawson.com/sendcard/preview?cont=1&hdn=0&fldCard=3521676&path=393919&pmode=init

  • But l can’t complain we had nice weather here for a few weeks

  • Your welcome Susan glad you got nice weather it’s been raining here today

  • @comgame - Iechid da - very well explained!!

  • Thank you Kez. Its' a very hot 4th of July here where I am and I am up by the Canadian border. 99 degrees F.

  • Happy 4th of July to my USA friends on here

  • Can somebody answer a simple question please....Is RGfinished? If i cannot deposit they cannot be making any profit in the state it is in at the moment. Someone must know what is really going on.

  • @mp53 could it be that your IP has rerouted your connection thru a state that doesn't allow cash (gambling) games? When that happened to me I just turned my router off for about a minute & turned it back on & it reset back to what I had originally. GL

  • I came on this morning and can only play free games, what in the hell is going on here. I have been a gold player for many years now.

  • It has, now, been six months, since we were able to make withdrawals. The whole, theoretical premise that PayPal probation is a six month proposition is becoming increasingly dubious, with each passing day.

  • Sorry Susan now seen your post! *Happy (4th) July" To all my USA Friends for a long time here!!! "E" ღ*¨❤️¨*ღ xx

  • Thanks for the heads up! C_V I did not know that with all the years I've been here. Or well that's like saying they got my fingerprints for a crime I did not do! I better be careful then? you know my humour. Anyway thanks again! Off on my journey soon, you know what I mean! See you all later! "E" xx

  • Happy 4th of July to all the US players. https://bit.ly/2UdLCK9 Freedom, liberty and peace to all. Hope everyone has the opportunity to go out again and enjoy the summer. .https:////www.youtube.com///watch?v=YXUq5f8f5fc

  • @Elaine and Ernco, not that hard, it's already built in. Just write in someone's guestbook and you'll see your own IP address being identified.

  • @mothymary, I wouldn't touch it with a bargepole, not after what they did with the "updated" revision of Win10. If I want comp to do anything useful now, I have to go back to Win7 or even better, Win XP.

  • @MrJaded, hate to burst your bubble but those aren't "new", been gathering dust in HP's warehouses for years although some now sport some shiny new stickers.

  • @RopentaStones, yes, yes, yes, no,no,no and no. Hope that helps. :) FYI, it's been "fictional money" for years, ever since King invented the NWF wheeze.

  • Think we get too much BS already. ;)