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July Freerolls


Here are the games for the rest of July.





Friday 9th of July

Princess Peony HTML5

Puff Fish Poppers HTML5

Release The Creeps HTML5

Stitcheroo HTML5


Tuesday 13th of July

Pet Rescue HTML5

Pepper Panic HTML5

Papa Pear HTML5

Monster Fever HTML5


Friday 16th of July

Mahjong Masquerade HTML5

LuckyLantern HTML5

Klondike Solitaire HTML5

Klicker Fusion HTML5


Tuesday 20th of July

Kalorie King HTML5

I Love Treasure HTML5

Hoop de Loop HTML5

Honey Mine HTML5


Friday 23th of July

Golf Solitaire HTML5

Gin Rummy HTML5

Farm King HTML5

Diamond Digger HTML5


Tuesday 27th of July

Cat Corner HTML5

Bubble Saga HTML5

Candy Crush HTML5

Bubble Witch HTML5


Friday 30th of July

Pet Rescue HTML5

LuckyLantern HTML5

Kalorie King HTML5

Gin Rummy HTML5

Beached Buddies HTML5



Have a nice summer!

/The Clown Prince



  • You're welcome..enjoy the rest of your evening.

  • Thanks Susan, appreciate your comments. They won't be able to use the card for next year as I will have a new one, new CV, on the renewal. I just wanted them to be more transparent with me and allow me an option to check to make sure the card was off. This site has way to many issues.

  • Was just thinking about what @pnavillia said about her friend using RG as a savings bank..$5,000 is a lot of money to just have sitting in a RG account..never heard of that before, interesting. I wonder if the friend was using RG as some kind of tax dodge

  • @Susan and Sile, I can see what wings' problem is, that page is still riddled with flash code which pretty much every browser will spit the dummy at. Also, even though the payments page itself may be secure, King's database of card details may not be.

  • @ducky_boy, that does not compute.

  • Yes, much appreciated what you are all doing for Oma and for us xxx

  • Thank you Jean xx

  • OMA’S birthday list 20 of July: --- ANEL1767 --- CHAMPION_BEJ2 --- MADMAC.FI --- NORMANELLI ---UWSPBUDDHA --- VERONOISE ------- Thanks xx

  • That's true john, I thought you must have been away judging by the number of comments stating how much this place really needs the great wit and raconteur that is lucky boy.

  • Oscar Wilde you are not PW

  • ;-))

  • Eloquence is back on the menu, all is well with the world.

  • @juelma.nl You have the sensitivity and insight of a turnip.

  • ffs 24hrs since i posted and you are all still talking the same shit, are you all bots?

  • Unfortunately some, myself included, have used this site and money won as a savings account. One friend has almost $5000 that can't be gotten. RG has too be short of money as they can't have 1/10th the number of players they used too. Why else were the number of pay-out slots lowered...xxx

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JYjIlHWBAVo Go live your own life, and enjoy everything. Life is too short to worry about unimportant things.

  • Some want to withdraw $35 ore euro 35 and fail. The world's population has many more problems. The pigs are here. Take your loss and go live. I've been through more misery in life as you, spoiled people.

  • Got a few bob left on here thought might just as well try and win a few games no I can't they will not let me win a bean suppose like everyone else playing my names Hunt eh!!!!

  • If they can accept payments from cards they can also do this for withdraws, just check any random casino-sites. As King.com is their owners you should tweet them about any updates as it has now been over 7 months without any payments or proper updates https://twitter.com/King_Games

  • @wingstofly and Rach_087 the site is secure on the accounts pages > https://prnt.sc/1d5pkph < always has been and up until they stopped all deposits I was using my credit card without any difficulties or security issues, no different to using it for online shopping.