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August Freerolls!


Here are the games for August.

Tuesday  3th of August
Friday 6th of August
Tuesday 10th of August
Friday 13th of August
Tuesday 17th of August
Friday 20th of August
Tuesday 24th of August
Friday 27th of August
Tuesday 31st of August


/The Clown Prince



  • @Crystal_Voyager they're pixels in a game, they're not real. I'm supposing you'd also ban all games like Call of Duty, Space Invaders, Pacman (can't have those poor ghosts eaten, can we?) and 99% of all games known to man. GET A GRIP!!!

  • Hi. Keep on getting a black screen on some of the day freerolls... Why is this happening ad what can I (if anything) do to fix this?

  • Why no Beached Buddies ???

  • @MrJaded, why not go the whole hog then and put "Schoolyard Slaughter" on the site?

  • "Moon", need a new keyboard.

  • @Juelma, happy memories indeed. :) Woodstock, the Summer of Love, the Mon Landings, felt fantastic to be alive. Then Charles Manson and the Altamont Speedway gig brought it all crashing down.

  • Found your Ms. a perfect match... https://prnt.sc/1qkvbcg lol...

  • > https://prnt.sc/1qksxcd < I went to see a Dr. today,after leaving and walking down the hall I took a double take and caught this photo.Had to lol just made my day. Jb :)

  • Morning j8d thanks for posting! Will get back to the players latter ok. For the other post below enjoy this video lol. :-) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8UqXaTHG0_M

  • OMA'S birthday list 27 of August: --- BOBWHITELN --- ELVIS58 --- JOSLER --- MISTYEK --- MJLGIRLY --- REDD.NL --- Thanks xx

  • Or does skiffs mean then boat or site have sunk or are we playing? Beach Buddies. LOL!!! "E" :-))).

  • Hi Sol. Thanks for! PM's LOL I forgot now what I was going to post OMG I remember now what I was going to post? so funny you but you must not make me laugh with my ribs at the moment! You know what I'm on about!!! "E" xx

  • @Graeme . When you come to the withdraw part that states " It normally takes 14 days to process a withdrawal " Well, RoyalGames are currently excercising their right for those days to not neccessarily be consecutive... or from the same month... or erm. year ! ... decade maybe ? jury is out .

  • Hello all! "If ifs were skiffs, we could all go sailin'"

  • Haha - cash in!!!! Good luck with that then.......

  • Its a shame how quickly this site has gone downhill. frequent game crashes and no-one seems to bother fixing the problems. time to bale and cash in.

  • We would all still be together friends for many years! But if it did happen? the new owners would have a mega mess to sort out on here! Let's see what happens? stay safe & well everyone! And have lovely! "Bank Holiday" From UK. "E" ☀️ˋ‿ˊ☀️

  • F/J/S I always speak my mine as you know. I know this site is watched by other games sites. But I can't post that information on here! But it comes from a good source & not from the UK. I just wish this site would stop giving lame excuses since! Dec/20 And hope another game site would buy it out.

  • FreeJamSociet... As I wrote here before, I once read somewhere that employees got the old Kingsite after King was sold, maybe it says in the contract that those employees can't sell it, I wasn't there but it would be plausible. .

  • Didn't have much time today to play games. Was busy baking croissants, almost too long in the oven because a friend emailed me that he had bought a book about Woodstock1969, my memories of that time almost made me forget to take the croissant out of the oven. :-)