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Royal Games and GameDuell Announce Welcome Bonus

Hi Royal Gamers,

We have some exciting news to share! For everyone who wants to continue to play fun games, we are happy to announce that Royal Games has partnered with popular gaming community GameDuell to offer you a welcome bonus at GameDuell. 


Any Royal Games players can register a new practice player account for free to start playing immediately at GameDuell. And from December 7th, as a Royal Games player you will receive an EXTRA GameDuell welcome bonus with your first deposit when upgrading at GameDuell to a new money player account! This bonus offer will be available until the end of 2022.



To register as a player at GameDuell and take part in the bonus offer, please use the link here

Royal Games thanks you for playing with us and wishes you well on your next adventures!


//The Clown Prince



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  • Quote ewo59: But there are two players both from UK lost they're gold accounts & cant get over it) It's all a conspiracy ;-) BTW how do you lose a gold account. I haven't paid a cent for that in 14 years and I still have my status.

  • @ewo59. I am not watching you on 123, am not a member as it's a garbage site. For your info I was told this by a nameless one. I don't give one iota about your age and I am not interested in this or you as you are one sad and lonely person. A person who brags about many friends has none. Period.

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  • @Betty350 Hello!....good suggestion, I second that! Enjoyabe to read something positive and constructive. Makes it so much easier to skip over the Narcissistic trolling and spamming.

  • And Mr Terry what concern is it to you about my age? I could be 18 or 99... Bit sad to be watching me on other game sites don't you think so?.............................

  • Hi Happy Saturday Everyone. I saw the opportunity to be commenter number 700 so I took it. If anyone from Royal Games is still monitoring this blog. Come on, other sites switched their formats, why couldn't you. Many of us won't join Duell. We miss Royal.

  • So someone is feeding you poison! And I know who it is! Anyway all the best for! *2022* Stay well... It was also lovely to see many of you on! Play 123 I like the games & can chat with friends! But you can't challenge them so don't stay long, that's why I play on! Gamesgames.co which you can. :-)

  • Fran, lets get some facts right here? I've played you in many team challs/ over the years with other players. And never said venom at people/players. But there are two players both from UK lost they're gold accounts & cant get over it. They post about me nearly every day on their profiles. 2nd

  • Royal Games even have the cheek to send you a reminder about your VIP membership! Haven't even got the good grace to cancel computer generated reminders/messages! Shame on them.

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