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Royal Games and GameDuell Announce Welcome Bonus

Hi Royal Gamers,

We have some exciting news to share! For everyone who wants to continue to play fun games, we are happy to announce that Royal Games has partnered with popular gaming community GameDuell to offer you a welcome bonus at GameDuell. 


Any Royal Games players can register a new practice player account for free to start playing immediately at GameDuell. And from December 7th, as a Royal Games player you will receive an EXTRA GameDuell welcome bonus with your first deposit when upgrading at GameDuell to a new money player account! This bonus offer will be available until the end of 2022.



To register as a player at GameDuell and take part in the bonus offer, please use the link here

Royal Games thanks you for playing with us and wishes you well on your next adventures!


//The Clown Prince



  • 2nd I level up as my story or Guild dictaes. I play this l;ike any other video game, my way and at my own pace. And if you don't like how I play, my guild, get out. I have founder rights. E1 else can play with me or get run over. Simple

  • @ Crystal I've fought 53 battle and won 49. Like I said I got this. Most players run up to the enemy line like it's dodgeball. Retards. I'm a smash em. Watch. I've seen youtube videos of them battling. Made me giggle.

  • @ ewo if Rach has done any porn I would like to know and Title plz.

  • middle of the map, those maps are pure carnage.

  • battle to end with 15 dead and 1 surviving unit with 1 bar left of life, but in reality, I could take down all 8 defenders with 4-5 of my units still active, depending who was lucky enough to get in 1st shot. Also be prepared to abandon any attack where the map has loads of rock/swamp tiles in the

  • inlater levels they are garbage. Terrain bonuses can swing a battle, but even more important is to learn the movement order/initiative. You can literally buy yourself free attacks as the battle goes on, and the advantage is phenomenal, in a straight fight with 8 artillery a side, you'd expect the

  • Rogues are good fun when you direct the battle, altho pick too many and they'll be tw@tted before they get close enough to use that attack. The AI plays them terribly though, not worth putting them in defence of your city or GvG sector. They also don't scale up,so while they're 1-hit killers in IA,

  • @JT, if I were you, I'd stay in Iron Age until you can get 1-2 Champions Hideouts from an event and keep them at IA level, at that era they're more powerful against all other unit types than in any other era.

  • @Susan, I was just happy to avoid getting covid for a 3rd time, that was my "present" in 2019 and 2020

  • LOL! Well we all know what he's doing with his new! Laptop? I would also prefer socks also! Ha! Ha! Dirty old man...

  • Hello susan462 :)

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  • Hello Joe Rach CV. @Joe that's a nice Christmas present for yourself! A new computer..wow! Sounds like you're keeping busy with the games (and doing well with them) I got myself some new wool socks for Christmas...lol

  • I have 2 accounts not that's it's anything to do with you but then again you seem to make everything around you! It's always gotta be about you? No one trusts you the blog has turned against you against surely you know that by now. Your irrelevant, boring, old news I've jack to say to you.

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  • wishing well sometimes gives 50 diamonds

  • plus i dont expand , I upgrade and expand rarely. And as I have a wishing well as well as a rogue hideout( about to get my second) I'll be fine till I get some low end iron age units. Also forge bowl coming up and with the expedition I started(by myself) I'm about to get a lot deadlier.