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The new look

Thank you for all the comments!
These are the most common issues reported by users, and what we plan to do about them: The text font will become darker. Note that all texts are the same size as before.
The profile page will allow you to hide boxes in the future, but this will take more time to develop. We know that you want the ability to customize them fully, we'll implement that if possible.
Comments to users’ blogs are currently not displayed correctly. This will be fixed. 
Log out is now done by clicking the X in the top right corner of the page.
Messages are a bit hard to see if they are read or not, this will take a bit longer to fix.
Result lists are harder to see which players are winners and not. We'll see how we can improve clarity there.
Language changing. Some players report that their site language changes by itself. We need more info on exactly where this happens.
Giving gifts doesn't work using the gift box at the moment. Use the gift icon immediately under the castle screen.
Missing games. As of today, the following games can no longer be played on this site: Bejeweled 2, Chuzzle, Amazing Adevntures, Zuma, Candy Rail, Couronne King, Midas Links.

As for the general look, I wasn’t sure about it the first time I saw this new look back in December either, but it has grown on me. I think you will appreciate it more in a few days too, when it has had the time to sink in.

Thank you for all your feedback. You are our top priority, and we’re working very hard to make you happy.

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  • i cannot play pool i uninstalled king.com from control panel as you said but no joy - please help its my fav game!!!!! cheers

    Then I would suggest contacting support, they might have other ideas on how to help you.
  • This new look is terrible. No longer classy. As a matter of fact, the look is now LOW RENT...Like gamehouse was before I LEFT THEN FOR YOU! PLEASE go back to the old look.

  • The new look sucks its hard for the whole game to appear on my screen can you make it where the whole game appear like it use to cause I cant play for diplomas if I cant see the whole game

    Your screen resolution should be enough to show the whole game. Can you take a screenshot of this and send to thefool@king.com?
  • (p145) Uh, isn't that one of the points of sarcasm? I can understand your thin skin on swearing, but sarcasm? You must have fallen down a sar-chasm before. xD

  • I think the new look is ok but the orange is hard to see - it could be my laptopn is a 1996 and is old.But personally the only thing that orange looks good on is a 1969 Charger & well a "orange"! Thanks tinette9

  • I hope the new update on Thursday will fix another issue I've discovered - my inbox flashes everytime after I send an outgoing e-mail to one of my friends. Has this been reported to you? Please advise. Thank you.

    No, I'll put that together with the other envelope-related issues.
  • @thefool - I'm not sure if "flash" is involved regarding slower graphics. I'm referencing my snow falling & bird flying across the sky when I am looking at my Kingdom. Both are not smooth & halt in action sporadically (frequently!). Is that Flash? Thanks for looking into the issue.

    Yes, basically everything that moves is flash, and then some.
  • In regard to IE9 update - I notice graphics are a lot slower in regard this site! Have lots of issues w/graphics being slower!! www.king.com has some catching up to do!!!!! How will they be addressed?

    If you are referring to flash objects, we're looking into that problem. Nothing is supposed to be changed how they are handled, but something must have happened.
  • The pop ups for new messages or tournaments won do not show up. When I click the buttons to go to messages and my tournaments they do not work. The link changes up top but it does not load the page. :(

  • Can some 1 plz tell me why i can not play pool on my gold account.the game loads but all i get is a blank screen ,i used to be able to play no probs but not any more. Any help would be some help thank you.k;]

    If it works on silver but not on gold, it is somehow related to the secure games control. try deleting it (control panel, programs, king.com) and see if it helps.
  • Thanks to other members' feedback - I have downloaded IE9, & so far I'm happy with the results. For those of you using IE8 (or IE6 as king.com interprets!), I would recommend uploading IE9 to get above this obstacle. Wish you luck in Life & in the Games! :-)

  • I understand the mailbox icon flashing after mail has been checked is a known issue (click on 'heart' or 'home' icon & then hit u'r avatar - mailbox will stop flashing), however, will this issue be fixed in the update scheduled near the end of month? Very disruptive!

  • Thanks PipPrincess - I didn't know that. I will use chrome in the future - it's faster than IE8 anyway :-) Enjoy your day

  • @rokolsen...There is a known problem with IE8--it identifies itself to King as both IE6 and IE8. Since IE6 is no longer supported by King it gets rejected. This problem will be addressed in the update on February 24th. IE9 is available and works just fine--I've been using it several months. HTH

    Thanks :)
  • Hi fool i recently helped a fellow player (pg56) which was no drama & she was lovely just V frustrated at being told 2 re-install flash when she couldn't play her fav game (DIDN'T help!) but it gave me a thought have u thought about a 'buddy' forum 4 peeps? (with a disclaimer i'm sure!) DeH

    This place works like a forum in most respects..
  • Hi Fool. After your little update I haven't been able to get into King. Now I've downloaded Chrome and finally got in. But I normally use IE8 and shouldn't have to use Chrome, right? Are you going to fix it or do I have to use 2 browsers just to be able to play on King? rokolsen

    If you get the page saying that you have IE6, it should be resolved after the update on feb 24.
  • Hi ... Just looking for an update of any timescales for these issues.. which we have raised daily .. being resolved ...

    I'll make a big blog post tomorrow (monday) with details on bug fixes.
  • Have read loads of pages and may have missed something but can anyone tell me how to get the dartboard and pool table back to central on my screen instead of it being on the the right hand side and hard to play. Thanks

    That will be fixed with the next site update. using a different browser also fixes the problem.
  • Flashing of "heart icon" after pushing it & it still flashes is a new issue & VERY DISTRACTING! It shows king.com has new/multiple issues it has not been able to control. I've read MANY negative reviews thefool wants to 'sweep under the rug'- many need to be addressed! Questions need to be answered!

  • I would like to know why the "heart" icon flashes even after I click on it - even after I click on a player who's arrived?? I would like to know why the "heart" icon is not controllable if I've addressed I know a Friend of mine is on-line? I only need to know once that 1 of my friends are on-line!

    There are some issues with the heart that we need to figure out.