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  • Ik heb een ervaring die ik wil delen met iedereen. Als ik Gin Rummy speel voor € 1.25 verlies ik het zeker 8 x achter elkaar dat is € 10.00 Als ik gratis speel win ik van de 10 x spelen zeker 6 x. ik zal nooit geen geld meer storten als ik in twee weken € 58.00 verlies en 2 x € 4.12 win.

  • i get that all the time ewo59 LadyDeere I cant speak for all? My VIP Spinner was activated in March 2021 & will judged in June this year! But every day I click on it gives me a free game! From £1.40p pound & other 75p. But when I try gives me a black screen & says sorry! Yeah right! So you may as w

  • an other thing i,m annoyed at is i,m a v.i.p player, even do i payed for membership to be one i,m angry as i can,t send gifts ,but they want my password, email , which i can,t remember its been so long ago, as i,ve so many on joining different sights , its it enough i come back to them ???

  • Every time there is an UPDATE I cringe. Ever since the last one can't get the card games to load, black screen. It's always something else to stop the progress of getting this mess on here fixed. So disappointing after all the $$$$ we pour into this site & we get ZILCH PFFFFFFFFFFFFT!

  • Could you please tell me which day of the week is the 1th of MAY so that I am prepared for yet another update

  • Yes, Terror, I'll heed your advice. The other choice is Klicker Fusion. Not sure I spelled that right. Lol.

  • Mmmm, King Prawn Curry and shrimp flied lice high on the list for when sense of taste returns. :)

  • >>>the only difference I notice in the incognito/private window is that the games seem to load a tad faster.

  • @bdusk, never choose Klondike Solitaire on the bonus spinner as it never works, regardless if you use regular or incognito/private window. Beach Buddies and Release the Creeps work and I don't remember the 4th game on that spinner>>>

  • OMA'S birthday list 11 MAY ---- : --- LICKEY30 ------- MR.GHOSTIE---------- Thanks xxx

  • I agree, emmey! I HATE it when I get a $3.30 free spin. The chosen game NEVER loads and I lose out because the spinner resets. Also, it seems that when you reach a middle rank of 4000+, that's when you compete with BOTS getting impossible scores! I'll NEVER deposit money here again....

  • emmeyefiv, remember to play the winning of VIP spinner in an incognito/private browser window

  • Works great with me, won over £10 in the last few days on Freerolls. I appreciate this is play money only but still feels good.

  • Nearly everyday now....Bonus spinner doesn't work. Surely this is fraud! Some days it works but mostly it doesn't. I really feel somedays that this whole site is FIXED FIXED FIXED.

  • When are they paying the cupgames who doesn't finished because the games are gone....

  • wanneer betalen ze de cups uit waarvan de spellen er niet meer zijn... heb er 106 open staan....;(

  • Big eaters

  • LMAO! I forgot to play the freerolls C_V apart for one Bubble Witch! I won £0.03p So I'm going to get all my friends a takeaway! But think I'll will foot the bill of £300 quid or more when I get the delivery... Ha! Ha! :-) xx

  • Yippee, won 1.5p on Dancing Mouses, so much better when they let you play all 3 rounds. :)

  • Elaine, same answer as my post to COFFINJOE a few posts down and on virtually every blog since the changeover.