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  • Just checked myself and I was last logged in on the 5th but been on here since 0600 this morning oh well who knows what goes on with RG these days luck to everyone and take care xxxx

  • And I can't explain about the log-in date for that high score; my own log-in date states it was yesterday too, yet here I am. I expect it may update after a further log-out.

  • I have noticed, when I play Freerolls and have the opportunity to win some money, I play far worse than other games ..(The moment I stopped depositing money...) Strange considering that I play exactly the same way ... Just a thought.

  • And for those not reading the entire thread, I received my money from RG a day or so ago after waiting since around the start of the year, so it's highly likely they're working through everyone in turn.

  • ...a large number of players will yield a number of very high scores without needing to invoke suspicion. Worth having a read about probability distributions and outliers.

  • Even with the time difference between countries this still does not make sense to me does it ?????

  • Surprised how people can be constantly surprised that there are a few really high scores when there are a thousand and more people playing a freeroll. Anyone that can play this game reasonably well and accurately has a reasonable chance of a very high score, so simply based on probability...

  • Played todays lunchtime freeroll which was Bubble Witch in a winning position at 1058 checked the person at No 1 W.hoof1 with 213,000 something now how can this person be in number one position when has not been logged on since yesterday the 5th June this is supposed to be a 2 hr time slot help pls!

  • I would only ever take advice from friends who have tried the other sites and NOT from a load of american green trolls. You are wasting my time and yours now. So boring to read anymore. Zzzzzz.

  • lmao, this blog is the most amusing I've seen it in years, as a refreshing change, I suggest trying Cool Math Games, yet another US site + no $ involved but some interesting, informative and unusual games, good way to waste some time + hopefully improve one's brain. I can but try....

  • Jag gjorde ett uttag i februari som ännu inte har kommit fram. Om man vänder sig till paypals chatttjänst så står det klart och tydligt, att om återbetalningen inte syns så har den som ska återbetala inte inlett transaktionen. Så vi är totalt lurade eller?

  • Hur länge ska man behöva vänta på utbetalning?

  • @scared2 it was me asking :) I've heard of ppl using that method before.

  • Someone was asking how players get those high scores in bubble saga. They simply stop the clock so they can play all levels in the game. Royal Games should do something about it. You don't see the same unrealistic high scores in Bubble Witch.

  • ;-)

  • But not worked it out yet? don't think you can play for cash on that site! But I might be wrong? any comments are welcome! Think I better be quiet for a bit. LOL! "E" :-) xx

  • Or no now I'm in trouble but that's nothing new :-( ! I was just corrected by a close friend? I play on Game Duell not Duel Cash! Sorry if I mislead any players!!! Now I seriously need to get my eyes tested for reading... But I do also play on Arkadium. 2nd

  • I could go on & on! But won't bore you! The posts are going up! Last time I seen it was 395 posts! I'm sure within 48 hrs we can do a record breaker here!!! Whatever we post lol... :-)

  • Duel Cash I've not had any problems to date. Going back to the word "Dam" means many things where I live if talking to someone example! This dam computer is getting on my nerves. Where the heck is that dam takeaway?/ Where the dam are you?/ where is the dam Clown Prince/? 2nd

  • The same sentences, word for word repeated by these "different" accounts, somebody's reading from a script !