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  • Gonna need a lot more than 6 games before I'm remotely interested.

  • @JB yes and all those dormant accounts that have suddenly been activated all seem to like only one other person on here...strange eh?

  • Ouch!!

  • Many accounts have been dormant for several years & back! I wonder why? but I do know & no chance I will post how I know... Off to play 9 ball. Have a lovely weekend & stay safe...

  • Fantastic, 4 more freerolls that wn't load on my computer.and now i can't even deposit to play the games i can get on!

  • @lily.gere Again thank you! You can tell who's who with their posts!!! I need not say anymore! Something interesting to read & then you get the other posts! You know what I say? let them talk to themselves! LOL. Best wishes. from South Wales, UK. "E" :-) x

  • @Sile another one dormant since 2013 and with another American flag! Yes, so predictable and quite the coincidence lol

  • Must have a leader they listen to.

  • ewo59 you are one of the few worthwhile users here, always respectful and respecting the freedom to speak in this blog, I send you a hug!

  • @ mtunes11 Thank you! I guess you read the link! It deals mostly at the moment with! "PPE" & not just the UK all over the world shipping. I wish some here would stop moaning here about this site! It get's us nowhere at the moment!!! Best wishes to you & family also! South Wales, UK. "E" :-)

  • Oooh anothe dormant account magically appears >> << this is so predictable :)

  • Fran is more than welcome to play. :))

  • Fran wants to be the Scottie dog :))

  • @flw1335 very appropriate tv program..right on the money too! :))

  • That was to JB and comgame, just for the record.

  • ewo59 I congratulate you and your family on that great news!!!!

  • A great online game, old and unimproved, just the way they should be ;-))

  • It was a stressful time with many applying for the vacancy with over 36 others trying! But she done it... And got the job! "E" :-)

  • I will be the car. :))

  • Very interesting to read!!! BCB International Ltd hiring Junior Graphic Designer in Cardiff ...