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  • Sorry 14th June

  • What has happened to Tues 12th June freerolls?

  • Sam l have not receiving email notifications from this site either


  • Zeur toch niet zo, blokken en verwijderen.

  • Has anyone else stopped receiving email notifications from this site for cup rounds waiting to play and withdrawals? I can't seem to get support to understand that I'm not receiving notifications via email even though alerts are enabled.

  • @joahcim, sounds like they may be hiding behind a proxy server, which anonymises their true location. Well dodgy.

  • @cheekbones, look up the transaction details, might shed some light. For instance, if King have moved their banking to certain jurisdictions, like Argentina, local law forbids transferring monies out of the country.

  • "Oh the humanity"

  • Yet bizarrely, my silver account is still being encouraged vigorously to "upgrade to gold" which would involve making a deposit. They must be taking some money in though, or all the subscription-based green accounts would have expired?

  • If I recall, you can't deposit money right now and you certainly cannot get it out. So what is this site doing as a business? Is this business model like the Hindenburg at Lakehurst? ... and it's coming in or a landing? What is your best guess?

  • I like playing the games but the Blog here is running a close second. Never a dull moment.

  • The fulfillment of the withdrawals will always be imminent.

  • This site needs to stop these spammers. Another German message from yet another ID that doesn't exist when one searches for it. Annoying.

  • Dear diary, today I won 2 cents on one of the free games. Now I need only 27 more cents to be able to play in a real paid game. Things are looking up!

  • @rixton I asked the other day about when I should expect to get my money as others had said they've got theirs... RG said it's still on going and to send them screenshots of those who have said they've got their money :(

  • The VIP meter is not there anymore.Click on your account next to settings,scroll down and it be in percentage where your at.

  • @Kyanight : I played all the games on all browsers till today, seems they microsoft edge, Chrome changed their updates again and now having problems of very slow games or black pages. Authorized royalgames and stil doesn't work :( Thanks for your answer :)

  • @Joe_Thunder Thanks for your answer on community but I really can't get to have my VIP meter showing up. King answered I should wait end of 2020 & be patient but still not showing up at all..So I'm gold but can't see any evolution. Thanks again :))

  • OMA’S birthday list 11 June: --- 1LEEUW1 --- MERLINSURFER --- MISS-STARBUCKS --- PJOSEPH1 --- SYL-RENSWOUDE --- TOMMYOLDE------ Thanks x x