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  • joahcim.l Apparently migrated its servers to Europe, so now I notice that the site runs much faster when loading games and logging into the page, I guess they were updating several things

  • Hi Sile, thanks for the heads up I made a genuine mistake! Won't happen again!!! I thought RG's security would be on the case by now. With all the screenshots & so on submitted to them! "E" :-) x

  • Elaine you do realise you are doing their job for them by relaying the complete message with the site details lolol :))

  • Another! Text message SENDER: LILMISS60 SENT: 6/9/21 9:25 PM Block User Message: You are a great player, I recommend the site apparently RoyalGames is financing this site but they do not admit it, try the games are very good, good day.

  • That's why also I have a call shield on my phones with my internet provider for over two years now! When scammers phone the call shield cuts in & they got to say who they are? but they don't they hang up! They do the same on our computers or try! LOL. You do need to be more sharp with them on a PC.

  • Oops didn't see your response @ congame. Sorry!

  • Thanks m8 , i know how to do it . I will try it later .

  • joahcim, Try flushing your DNS cache. Google it.

  • Hi everyone! You got to watch this about scammers!!! It does go on a little but very funny & interesting how scammers work on! "PHONES" "E" :-)

  • Yes but Blizzard/Activision who bought them out 3 years or so ago is.So suck a dick.

  • KMS57 : they have like 20 of my euro i deposited 8 . But its sad if they do it like that . And i had like 30 euro pending in games :( waiting to be won :(

  • HaHa :)))

  • A screaming, yelling mob were tearing up the High Street. A policeman stops one runner, and asks, "What's happening?" "A lion has escaped," he gasps. "Which way did it go?" enquires the bobby. "Well we're not flipping chasing it!"

  • joahcim.l - The Site-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named moved their stuff to The Netherlands under cover of darkness. Probably still tidying up after the transition. Or they took your money and ran?

  • tkennedy that is Royal Games not Royalgames two different company's.

  • Not American

  • Royal Games is a gambling & casinos company based out of R Marechal Floriano Peixoto, 80, Salas 01 E 02, Jaragua Do Sul, Sc, Brazil.

  • Je hebt natuurlijk recht op je mening. En ook geschikt om mijn woede te veroorzaken. Voorzichtig!

  • Is duelcash down for you guys who play there ? after the update today i can access the page. You don't have permission to access this resource. :P

  • Joe_Thunder. My new nickname, @thunderburns Fun Lolbroek je hebt een grote mond.