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  • I hope everybody gets a safe way to view the Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse tomorrow..just don't look straight at it as it'll burn your eyes.

  • And for those who are pimping duelcash, go click at the bottom of the page on contact. Watch nothing come up. That should tell you all you need. I did the same on Paypal page, got a phone #. How today started.

  • hosting duties. Even he musta been embarassed by it LOL! Figured I'd go check see what he got paid for that disaster.

  • My opinion. I think KING(blizzard) took a huge hit in the pocket with the Candy Crush tv game show. Go google it in wiki. It even mentions King. Lasted nice episodes. Described by CBS as unmitigated train-wreck. Crap even candy crush is only mentioned in Mario Lopez' filmography but not under

  • Please help us and turn those that spamming our blog.And no more mention please about the other one,your helping out them and it's not good.Ty Jb

  • i never write here but I would like to know if anyone understands why the problem with deposit and wirhdraws is taking so long to fix, plus other issues with free games that get a black screen. I sent them a message to know but all I get back are the same automatic I am sorry be patient response.

  • I went to that "" that is mentioned in that German message I got. The state I live in does NOT have legalized gaming for money (yet) therefore I cannot even consider that site. I wouldn't anyway. Can't play for $$ here either on RG/King.

  • And another one... jls1975, who hasn't played in 8 years, only played 135 games TOTAL, and is commenting here! RG has got a huge problem with these hackers, and I hope they can take care of it quickly!

  • Interesting tune being played that the "unmentionable' is operated by RG! Are anyone that stupid?

  • I wish the comments would be shut off.The more that are reported the more show back.They need to go around the site and see who is not playing anymore and just spamming the blog here instead.Need to solve it some how!!

  • I heard a rumor that is funded by royalgames, open your eyes! duelcash is a royalgames site and they are manipulating the information! I like DuelCash much better anyway.

  • Definitely so true your welcome JB

  • Ty Kez.The quicker that support gets what they need things are taken care of. This is our blog for us.

  • Never message them ignore it just screenshoot the message and reported it to support

  • Best thing to do is reported them and send them to support and block them that is what l been doing

  • Please forget that message you got,the player must have been removed from the site.We are asking players to please refrain what the message says and just delete or if you know how to help out let support know with a print screen or a download of it.Ty Jb

  • Who are these Asswipes that Keep Spamming my mail to join a Different Gamesite????? and What is being done to Stop it?

  • Sorry, meant Comgame. Sometimes my fingers are faster than my brain!

  • Love your jokes Congame. Can never get enough of them!

  • I got this message from a 48Beautiful": "Sie sind guter Spieler ich empfehle Ihnen, sie haben gute Preise". A 48Beautiful does not exist here, I searched it. I've no clue what it means or why I was sent it or what is.