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  • I am fortunate to have an acre & half we have a small amount of formal but most is made as a haven for all flora and fauna here is a couple of long eared owlets > < sitting in on of our Chestnut trees. Sorry its not as clear as I would like.

  • granite23 wow a sparrow hawk. In the skies above me when there is a commotion in the skies above me it will either been a buzzard or a another raptor being bombarded by sea gulls.

  • granite23 I remember quite a long while ago a vole scampered across the path in front of me like a very fast tiny black pom pom. Apparently they are very ferocious creatures.

  • We have a family of Greater Spotted woodpeckers visit every day. And sometimes a Sparrow Hawk too! We have a lot of small birds here as well.

  • Juelma.nI I can envisage the quietness of the dawn and the bobbing of the baby rabbits little white tails.

  • How amazing everyone to hear about your wildlife, it makes my heart sing to read about all of the creatures you have in your gardens.The vole, hedgehogs, jay and the rest of the creatures. Absolutely amazing.

  • Wow what a diversity of wildlife we all have, it's really interesting to hear about it.

  • We have a family of hedgehogs who live under our decking. They come out to feed at night & we leave cat food for them, which they love. We have foxes, muntjac, badgers wo come into our garden and wonderful birds that come to feed from our bird feeders including woodpeckers.

  • I live in a quiet place close to a forest area. I see young rabbits running at 5 o'clock in the morning and many birds eating meal worms from the birdhouse that I have put in the garden. You can make veggie burgers from meal worms (◔‿◔)

  • bee, we've had collared doves around the house ever since we moved here (30 years ago) and one year they nested on our security light! It looked very precarious but survived. We have a visiting jay at the moment, stunning birds, always seems to come around this time of year.

  • I love voles, unfortunately so does our cat and not in a good way.:( We have them in the rockery.

  • I have a vole living in the patio cracks!!

  • It would be very interesting to hear from other peoples encounters of wildlife on this Blog.It could be the smallest encounter to the largest.

  • @mews459 Nature's so wonderful. In the past we had a pair of doves around the gardens & sadly they have disappeared.I do believe they are in decline. So what you saw was special.

  • Similar here bee082, except the temp is 19/20 c which suits me fine, I like it a little cooler. Plenty of activity on the bird feeders and in their baths. We were sitting out yesterday and two collared doves came down and had a drink from a bath that was about 2 feet away from me, That was fun.

  • I got you valdood. I thought that you were most polite actually. Best wishes G23 xx

  • Amazingly you get buzzards over the valley hanging gracefully in the thermals. The swifts screaming and soaring through the air with incredible speed and agility. The cheeky sparrows foraging for spiders and other tasty morsels to feed their young.

  • Changing the subject has anyone on the blog looked up from their screens and looked out of the window. Here it is 27 c degrees. Wall to wall sunshine and a beautiful blue sky. Birds are twittering & bees are buzzing, what joy!

  • @Rina They go after anyone and everyone they can message.I just block em so I don't get more than 1 from the same.They are old accts that have not been used in years. Jb

  • So, why do I get bombarded with pm's by members advising me to play at this 'BLablabla' gamesite. If it's that good, why are you still here sending me these msgs??? Go on , hop hop off you go! ( for those who didn't understand, yep it was a tad sarcastic meant).