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  • Ice... NCSWIC.

  • Has anyone else had messages urging the to use another site, "Duelcash", I had one yesterday that said they had been watching my games, that I was a good player and should try this other site, turns out this person just joined yesterday. I checked out Duelcash and it seems to be a scam.

  • Good score iceman931 338. 515 On Bubble Witch on the freeroll. Think I need to catch up! LOL... :-) 6/19/21 4:57 AM

  • Good score iceman93 338. 515 On Bubble Witch on the freeroll. Think I need to catch up! LOL... :-)

  • Thanks for all the information from players here! I also found this link if your not very good on (IT TECH) I learned a few more things now.

  • your free beta tester here clown...bubble saga has started freezing and playing in slow motion just like freddies fruity friday used to do... do you even have an "i.t" department? it stops stutters freezes & the time just keeps right on ticking down. Fix It! & btw start paying us what you owe us!

  • C_V I cant say how I know to date& fact the software still goes on with the cheats to date! How this site have not picked it up! I will never know & I'm no! "IT TECH" In anyway... Right off on my journey now! Whish me luck!!! LOL. "E" :-)))

  • Ok C_V & qazz I will find the user no problem! I will do a short cut to make sure I'm not play a! BOT... "E" :-)

  • @qaz, that was a Flash editing hack, wouldn't be working now unless somebody's managed to rework it for html5. Not impossible, it's a far less secure platform than others like Unity for instance.

  • All that happened was he lay low for a few weeks and then gradually went back to business as usual. Really disappointing since that was 100% impossible to do. Seems getting him booted is actually harder!

  • He registered the EXACT same score in two different (not same game) games' tournaments in to days. he forgot to change the score?!? I reported him and pointed to the exact games he had played.

  • Thanks Elaine, for some reason Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds keeps popping into my head, can remember something similar playing on a radio interview about 1 of their albums, but if so then it's just an odd few seconds that sounds nothing like the rest of the track/album.

  • I was curious about cheat software a few years ago and learned of software that you could actually tell it what score you wanted. This presents a problem for Iceguy later

  • Hi C_V will try & find out later for you! Now I want a chall/ with iceman to see how good he his??? lmao! If he don't I can always try on a silver!!! But not sure & doubt he even takes messages! It will be put to the test by many genuine players on this site..."E" :-)))

  • Meaning personal messages! When they reported the user for cheating! The email they had back was! Just a good player! Yeah right do they think we're all stupid here? what a lame excuse email! He must be the richest play on this site! Maybe it cahn show some of us the software the user uses! Ha! Ha!

  • think it's quite recent, anybody got any clues please?

  • Slight change of subject, being driven mad by an "ear worm". The trailer on Dave (UK tv channel) for the new series of Richard Osman's House of Games is driving me mad, the clip of background music I'm sure I've heard before but can't remember where. Quite a heavy, punky Ramones type feel to it, but

  • Hi all. Lets just watch the icecman play? I did a search on the user! Over several accounts & mostly German but some not used since 2008. But other accounts & flags also including female & male! I know many have reported! But the messages I get off some players!

  • Me neither but hey ho

  • Oh,I haven't read the handbook.