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  • nick134 Sluta att läsa om du är trött på gnäll, för vi andra är trötta på att inte ha fått ut våra pengar på snart 7(!!!) månader

  • @bee082 Well not sure about Gremlins? but there are many Dolly Mixtures that's for sure & all sorts is another word I use! LOL!!! I sent you a personal message ok. "E" :-)

  • nick Jag har sagt hela tiden att jag kommer att stanna här tills det antingen fungerar, eller så stänger de dörrarna för gott. ;)

  • Smyle, I've played on WorldWinner since back when it was GSN. I always end up back here though. I can lose my money anywhere. But this is the only place that gives me a castle and a unicorn as consolation prizes. :)

  • @Nick - A question was asked about alternative sites. Neither site I mentioned has the community features that RG has. They are simply safe alternatives to play cash games until RG gets its house in order.

  • jag tycker ni som skriver om andra spel sidor kan väl gå dit och spela med pengar om ni inte vill spela gratis tills allt är klart på denna sida på royalgames. jag tror att många är trötta på att läsa det ni skriver får väl hoppas att någon tycker samma sak som jag

  • det kommer nog att kunna sätta in pengar men det dröjer nog ett tag till det är lika med spelen också håll ut bara så fixar det sig till slut. jag tycker också det går bra att spela här inne spelen funkar hur bra som helst har aldrig haft problem här inne.

  • KMS- I've played on those 2 & here for over 10 years on each. Agree. WW has fewer games, but all run well and their mobile platform, with a few glitches, runs well, too. GD had a few issues with changing from Flash but runs just fine now. Good options if out of cash here and want to play for money.

  • and both have a nice selection of games and have been around for many years.

  • Jag har inte kunnat spela på många veckor nu,det går inte att sätta in pengar...jag vill bara veta om det är slut nu helt och hållet?? När jag har frågat så blir bara svaret.."tyvärr,det går inte just nu"..Dåligt!!

  • Does anyone know any other good gaming sites?

  • How much longer til we can make deposits?

  • So what's really going on? They won't take deposits. What are they operating with?

  • For anyone who's worried about unsolvable levels in Masquerade Maze, watch out for perfect square formations and zak them with other correct selections. Simples.

  • checkd the site and has been used this year, so probably not a gremlin

  • Impossible the king site was founded 2003.

  • ewo the date on hawewon comment is incorrect have we got another gremlin.

  • R G website hasn't been updated for a while. Spinner black screen again, card game sticking, slow games.

  • Still can't play Love me Not - not a game I like anyway but I can't even have a go.

  • i dont ever comment but i have been playing here since 1999 i think and this site has gone to hell in a hand basket. i try to play daily free rolls and get a blank screen and no i try to play the friday freeroll for ace solitare and its gone. but if you dispute with paypal they will refund you btw