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  • Yup. Been going for a while now. Not doing them any good. Up against 2 others for dosh. Nah thanks. So now play even less than before for money!

  • sorry, take that back £0.78 not £0.52

  • Have we all noticed that we now are up against 2 other players on the paid "head to heads", they now take £1.05 to give £0.52 mmmm

  • Rg and bots: what do they care if the entrance fee is paid. If you can't really tell 99% of the time then why should they worry about it. they make % when you spend $. Who spends it? Who cares?!? (I care, but that's not part of the dilemma.)

  • British Flag controversy: In 1908 the UK Parliament approved this verdict, stating that ‘the Union Jack should be regarded as the National flag’. Read this:

  • The most obvious reason for RG not cracking down on the bots that win money, by racking up improbable scores . . . is that RG employees, themselves, are the ones operating them.

  • Profile hopping can be very interesting, just came across a member who has played 36,910 games, seem to have won a few but only has 54,016 jewels, less than 1.5 jewels a game. I will not ask the obvious question but R.G. needs to lubricate the bot accounts.

  • It's gratifying, at least, to see those who self-righteously criticized those, who RIGHTFULLY complained about being unable to withdraw THEIR money . . . now whining, on a daily basis, about their inability to make their deposits.

  • Gremlins are in the system!!

  • Anyone care to explain why free Puffer Fish Poppers always loads, and always records your score, yet money version of the same game often never lods, and if it does, there's a 50 / 50 chance of a 0 score or a 'something went wrong'?

  • @mrb, it seems Paypal have forgotten that we too are "customers". Always seems to be a 2 tier attitude in the industry, where corporate "customers" get a higher level of protection to us mere mortals.

  • @granite, still been working here too. Check with Amazon as Kindle uses a proprietary system, not Android or iOS.

  • @angels, good question. They seem oblivious to the Flash and ActiveX calls still in the game launching scripts, the latter was blocked by all browsers as "insecure" several years ago and is why a number of games stopped working then. Rather than fix the code, King took away the games instead. :(

  • Whay can the team not fix the iuses 95% all time with free games IUSE 9 time of 10 the are not begin! Is thenthen the pay then the start only if i pay whay have the game on free game's then the newer work! If the not can fix it, whay not get the Free game pay to choise other game? soon 7 month new

  • Jean thank you for posting OMA's Birthday and Anniversary list for us xxx

  • OMA'S birthday list 24 June: ----------- KAMBRELL30 ------- MANNSVERK -------- PASTAFREAK23[ldk] -------------- Thanks xx

  • I meant to say CC Saga. I have tried again tonight. But still no joy is being able to play. Thought it was an issue with the Kindle. Others haven't been able to either.

  • help-angel, just being picky BUT, it's called the union flag; it's only called the union jack when on a ship

  • @debbie - deposits are disabled anyway, so moot point. You can win some pennies in the freerolls on occasion, which may allow you to eventually play a cash game if you so wish.

  • @milwscruffy, note how UK English (flag: Union Jack) format has 0 before single digits in 02/06/22, but US (Stars and Stripes) don't (here in RG) 6/2/22