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  • an addition - stormymac is from Netherlands and is 222 years old HAHA!! Only joined 27 June 2021. Ridiculous

  • stormymac sent friend request but, in German I think, was "plugging" duelcash. I have NO interest in any other gaming or gambling site. I have this and my SkyBet account (and UK National Lottery) which is enough.

  • Just got 2 of those. One is 222 years old, wish I new their secret.

  • looks like other game sites are recruting us to go to their site

  • @qaz111111 I am being bombarded by them, they are advertising other gaming sites in their friend request messages. I have reported them to support but nothing has been done yet.

  • I got a friend request: Person joined today (hours ago since it is only 4 am) and has not played a single game. There Is ZERO personal info; a completely empty page. What do you all think of this?

  • My freeroll for bubble witch also blank. Sucks

  • I just noticed? Hancock still wears the! NHS Badge or Logo? for the the! NHS! Shame on you & take it off. We have no respect for you in UK! & B/J Get a grip or you will be soon. Is the UK run by Muppets? ditto...

  • I hope he goes along with! B/J... See you later can't be doing with them Idiots! "E" :-)))

  • Hi/Moring C_V LOLI Seen it. I can't post what I really want to say about him here!!! Talk about the shake hands club! You know what I mean... Anyway enjoy the weekend you & others best you can! And stay safe... "E" :-)

  • lol C_V

  • Some happy news for a change, we've eradicated the Hancock virus. :)

  • Enjoy & relax & play your friends challenges! I've gone past the stage of! Deposits & Withdrawals of money! And do not wish to deposit at the moment! Enjoy... :-)

  • OMA’S birthday list 27 June: --- 1GUE1 --- EBBY0627 ---FURYFRIEND3 --- TINKERBELL646 --- WANNABEJEN------------ Thanks xxx

  • why cant we deposit money yet? WHAT TAKES SO L;ONG SO FIX THS? THIS IS ANNOYING AS HELL!

  • day 48 of broken bubble saga daily bonus spinner. FROZE again mid game with 1:27 left in game/ no way 2 play/ no way 2 shoot ball/ no way 2 aim/ game did stutter once/ game ended w :15 sec left on the clock. worthless owner of site letting it die while making money off the interest of OUR WINNINGS!

  • You just get the standard! C..p email!!! Anyway hope you're all having relaxing & lovely weekend! Thanks to who sent me mails to explain what might have happened? let's be more positive! So I send you some music, best medicine for all... "E" :-) x

  • Hi everyone! Hope your all safe & well??? I read your post's & take them seriously!!! But It's pointless? your wasting your time! If you seen what happened to me the other night you would not believe!!! I also get the same problems as you 24/7 trust me! I do not waste my time now sending emails. 2nd

  • Yes, that would be nice! as for me, I'm waiting to deposit. lol

  • @susan462 Thank you. Pity I can't withdraw and spend it lol :)