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  • Oh I see.. I had never read their friend requests. It says:" Royalgames announces partnership with" in several languages and almost always signed "Jessica" or "Glen". Royal games should sue them, if it is not true.

  • Look on calendar "starting today' tab. They are listed as stating at 10 but no idea what timezone or world country that could be (it is 1050 am in Uk at moment ) - Maybe at 11? Don't just come on and complain straight away - look on the calendar first

  • Check your account settings - if the "accept messages" I think it is ticked untick - heck untick everything.

  • And they make several accounts: sadie3001 United States 222 -- sadie30010 Venezuela 222 -- sadie30011 Portugal 222 -- sadie30013 Brazil 222

  • For example: sadie3001 has been a member since 27/06/21 and was last logged in on 27/06/21

  • I don't know what they are trying to do, but they open accounts for one day, send friend requests and then never login any more...

  • no one at a time but simply press handle request and then block then back arrow block and back arrow etc takes seconds >>

  • I have 64 friend requests. Can I delete them en masse or do I have to take them one at a time. TY

  • I'm still getting sporadic friends requests, not as many as before, got some this morning, just deleted them.

  • Is anybody getting NEW FRIEND REQUEST'S again? i've got about 17.. I thought that was solved!!

  • Not much point in playing for money. Asked start May for a withdrawal, but have not received anything. I think Royal Games has been very good and fun, but now I think it is just going down, loosing my interest more and more. It is a pity :-(

  • @rr45 Calendar Freerolls for today shows : Stitcheroo, Puff Fish, Release the Creeps & Pet Rescue


  • Just looked at Friday's calendar. There's only 3 freerolls listed, plus the daily which doesn't count because it's that sick "game". That's hardly "making it up to us", just another cut. :(

  • ewo, do you remember several years ago there was a quake centred around Port Talbot? It was estimated to have caused about 37p worth of damage. ;)

  • Sadly, the latest wave of DC spammers was rather predictable, it'sthe w/end and nobody home at King. Same tactic the muppets were using when they tried to kill this blog. :(

  • @raglen, over here we bear our crosses instead of burning them.

  • RG is a rudderless, ghost ship, with no captain and no crew. Only the passengers are left.

  • Dear Kingy, note for your diary, today is Friday, Friday is freeroll day. No excuses now.

  • then the English Channel in the 80s/90s after digging that 26 mile sewer, and latterly the fracking in Balcombe forest. :(