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  • i never seen such bad customer service as i have on this site.

  • The clown is looking through his sofa cushions for spare change to fund the Tuesday freerolls!

  • i think the clown is sleeping

  • @jpmars1 Haha!

  • It's been a considerable amount of time since the Clown Prince so much as dignified the customers with an UPDATE as to what "progress," if any, is being made on the deposit/withdrawal issue. How egregious must RG's practices be, for it to have been unable to restore its good standing, by now?

  • Sorry there are no free rolls, we are taking the money saved and sending our employees back to high school programing class (also using some of the savings to move a few out of their mommies basement). Hang in there some have already shown promise on their studies. :)

  • Freerolls will turn up sometime, until then i am going off to hone my skills. No worries!

  • WTF is going on with this site?????

  • 17 minates

  • 16:16 UK time -- where are the Free Rolls ?????????

  • Where are the freerolls?

  • 15.50 England. No sign of the freerolls.

  • I have asked support about the Freerolls and am awaiting their reply ./Fran

  • meh

  • Ah well, I have said it before and will say it again..... this site is really dead! I only come here for the Freerolls, however, those even don't exist anymore as I just noticed. I know I am moaning just like all the others, but it is not right how RG treats us.

  • so sad.... smh

  • yup 3:09 PM in England right now. who's going 2step up next & bloody stick up 4them & their this ridiculousness? who's going 2say how funny it is that we don't read the comments about how some1 made up a new start time & it has changed 2 start later this week? they OWE ME $ that's WHY I'm Still HERE

  • @springer No..its no fun without the money option, THAT made the games fun to play

  • I think now people just come here to have a good moan they is no other reason to come here. ;-)

  • its 2:44pm in the uk right now