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August Freerolls!


Here are the games for August.

Tuesday  3th of August
Friday 6th of August
Tuesday 10th of August
Friday 13th of August
Tuesday 17th of August
Friday 20th of August
Tuesday 24th of August
Friday 27th of August
Tuesday 31st of August


/The Clown Prince



  • Good night JB

  • Time for rest,take care and be safe.Sleep well. Jb xx

  • For 11 yrs. old to :)) Your welcome @ Susan

  • Whoa Nandi's nailing it Thanks JB :))

  • > < Watch this girl from the UK play with the Foo fighters

  • Don't know why any of us stay on this stupid site! Most games (whats left of them} don't load; expecially freerolls & bonus spinners. Rarely get into double jewels, etc. Thank you Fool for such a crappy experience!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • OMA'S birthday list 31 of August: --- BELFASTCHILD1 --- DEANS63 --- HEV59 --- PLEKI14 --- SMILEANGEL --- Thanks xxx

  • What browser are you using?

  • WTH why am i getting a black screen for puffer fish no matter what tourny i try to play

  • Stop sending the huge battles.I will have to resort to blocking again.

  • Not accepting battle challenges with 200 players.I don't bother with it.And guess you got me added from here due to no visit.

  • I saw on TV that Hurricane Ida was really raging, just like Karina 16 years ago. Hopefully the flood defenses have worked. They say climate change. Electric driving will not help, people should consciously buy less luxury. Special the rich with yachts and their grand houses, where they never stay

  • RIP Ed Asher. Was best known for being in Mary Tyler Moore and Lou Grant.

  • Please keep your thoughts and prayers for the people in the US dealing with Hurricane Ida aftermath especially n Louisiana and other states and those currently in the path of the storm. It has been very devastating. Have some players on RG in those areas.

  • Diz them games you can still send challenges l just check it out

  • @ mum - z Well done for your Puff Fish win!! Nice amount of £'s too, Enjoy your winnings

  • I have been trying to send challenges & the one I chose I get a message this game is currently not available for challenges. Ace Solitaire, Bubble Witch, Golf Solitaire etc.... ?WHAT IS GOING ON?

  • OMA'S birthday list 30 of August: --- CHEEKYCHIMP --- EVAHK --- MARO28.AT --- ZMURFIN --- Thanks xx

  • Princess Peony returned 'something went wrong' message. First time received that in a long time after getting a new computer, with older computer I continually got various error messages. However, in a surprise occurrence, for the first time EVER I came first in any game, - Puff Fish Puffers.

  • @Sasie that's a good suggestion! I usually use an old version of Firefox and all the games play fine for me.