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November Freerolls

2th November

Princess Peony HTML5

Puff Fish Poppers HTML5

Release The Creeps HTML5

Beached Buddies HTML5


5th November

Pet Rescue HTML5

Pepper Panic HTML5

Papa Pear HTML5

Monster Fever HTML5


9th November

Mahjong Masquerade HTML5

LuckyLantern HTML5

Klondike Solitaire HTML5

Klicker Fusion HTML5


12th November

Kalorie King HTML5

I Love Treasure HTML5

Hoop de Loop HTML5

Beached Buddies HTML5


16th November

Golf Solitaire HTML5

Gin Rummy HTML5

Farm King HTML5

Diamond Digger HTML5


19th November

Cat Corner HTML5

Bubble Saga HTML5

Candy Crush HTML5

Bubble Witch HTML5


23th November

Kalorie King HTML5

Farm King HTML5

Beached Buddies HTML5


26th November

Pet Rescue HTML5

Pepper Panic HTML5

Papa Pear HTML5

Monster Fever HTML5


30th November

Princess Peony HTML5

Puff Fish Poppers HTML5

Release The Creeps HTML5

Beached Buddies HTML5


Good luck!

/The King's Clown

PS if you know any Kingdom that needs a clown, let me know.




  • ewo59. Silence can save you. And otherwise put on some music that takes your mind to something else for a while. Tomorrow, the lights will go out here. Take care, Greetings Carla.

  • LOL your own encyclopedias!

  • But I found some of my friends but not all. But word will go around fast on here! Best wishes to all but not the trolls! "E" :-)))

  • Hi Qazz, you got it! Lol I can be relentless! LMAO.. I will never give in! Stay safe & all the sane players here! "E" :-)))

  • ROTFLMAO. I love you guys!!! Never a dull moment,

  • You posted this on you're profile! How old are you do something like that? school kids I can understand! But not your age! End of glad I won't see you again.

  • ᔕᑭᒪᗩT !! ......O´¯`❄.¸(░)`O.¸¸.¸.O´¯`❄.¸(░)`O.❄。¨¯`✲ ´。.❄¨¯`✲。❄´。✲O.¸¸.¸.O´¯`O.¸(░) `O.¸¸.✲.¸.O´¯`¸.O´¯`❄¸(░)`O.¸¸.¸.✲´¯`O.¸(░) `O.¸❄。`O.¸¸.¸.O´¯`❄。¨¯`✲....¸.O´¯`O.¸(░) `O.¸¸.¸.O´¯`❄.¸(░)´。✲´。.❄¨¯`✲。❄。。¨¯`*✲ᔕᑎOᗯᗷᗩᒪᒪ ᖴIGᕼT ... Kᕮᕮᑭ IT GOIᑎG !!

  • Plus you know I do not lie! When I got something to post or say I say it... All the best with your buddy! Hope you fine some lost friends if any? sad time now for all. But I found many of mine... Bye! Bye....

  • @heesweg & ivory.chick08 You pair are well matched! Polly you've hounded me for years on this site for no reason! Now the true coulours come out! You should take a job in! EastEnders? drama queen! You put on you're profile about my lies & spelling? I thought it was a game site? not a English test?

  • Requiem lyrics translated:

  • I think that's why... : (

  • Candy Crush revenue Year Revenue 2012 $77 million 2013 $230 million 2014 $1130 million 2015 $1293 million 2016 $784 million 2017 $695 million 2018 $930 million 2019 $1117 million 2020 $1190 million

  • Where is everyone going to play? What's a good place?

  • is King closing too - Candy Crush and Farm not really working either??

  • @heesweg Have your last vent! Little do you know where we all play? I got friends! Unlike you. Bye! Bye! LOL...

  • Assuming Storm Barra doesn't cut the electric, 11pm Weds night is going to be very weird, not logging in for freeroll like I've done every night for around 15 years.

  • Yes qaz, but Candy Crush was built on what they earned from us over the last 16 years or so, and we remained loyal, whereas the mobile market moves fast and can be very fickle. Once we're gone, they have no Plan B

  • Seriously the numbers are staggering. We are literally like a bug on the windshield and they can't see us where they are going.

  • This link shows King King revenue and useage for Candy Crush This link shows the separation from King of the developer group in May 2020 into the Defold Foundation. They made Candy Crush

  • it was here. Some have exaggerated some have not. Maybe if we contact Activision as a last resort? Just a thought how great this site could be run by honest folks.