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Dear Kingdom,

Very exciting times are ahead!
On Tuesday, 19 November the tournament platform King.com will be changing its name to "Royal Games"!

But don't worry, apart from a new logo and a new website address (→ www.royalgames.com) everything will stay exactly the same as before! Your account balance, your collected jewels, awards, diplomas, even the current site layout and all offered site features will remain untouched!

In the past 10 years King has gone through an amazing transformation and the upcoming name change to Royal Games marks a new historical milestone. King has evolved from what solely used to be tournament based skill-gaming, to a world-leading game developer that offers its games on several platforms (→ Facebook and mobile devices)!

These new changes are all part of an even bigger announcement that will be happening around the end of the month...
So, do stay tuned for more information in the near future as we have something big in store for you!

Thank you everyone for your great support and your love for our games!


P.S. Please note, that as a first step our King.com facebook fanpage will be changing its name to "Royal Games" already on 14 November.

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  • Cant play any crescendo games

  • Problem solved I clean out my computer and I'm back to playing!!! Oh how I enjoy the Royal Kingdom...Happy Thanksgiving Everyone..<3

  • I cant seem to play any games today I told my computer is not compatible I have updated Flash downloaded Firefox(does not work) Chrome(does not work). Is it the new site, I played yesterday just fine...any suggestions.

  • Hi there to the new and improved King as Royal Games now.... I always love change myself....keeps life interesting if ya ask me. How about the "Gift" I didn't receive....just curious if that is a little "snafu"? Thanks & Great Gaming Site Ever!!!!!! Loyal Royal Fan! (Hey you can use that one!) ;)

    If you didn't get the gift, please contact customer support. Thanks for the praise! /OF
  • Anyone know how long the update/site change over is supposed to take? Can't find that info anywhere. Would have been nice for that to be included in this blog announcement. :(

    We haven't done this since 2006, so it's a bit hard to estimate. Around 3 hours is the estimate I have been given. /OF
  • My friend got an e-mail notice from King.com that started as below: """On 19th November King.com will be moving to a new website address: royalgames.com""" What is with this? My friend is a reg. player, not a yrly subscriber. How come I did not get this kind of notice?

    I think we're sending it out to all players. But it takes a while to send out millions of emails. /OF
  • When you change to royal games what happens to your old domain name? will you still own it or does it go back on the market for sale?

    I don't think we're selling it, no. /OF
  • Hey I wonder over i thing.. Please can somevone answer on that.. Son i shall off.. i live in Sweden.. But when i shall go on..again..after sleep.. must i write www.royalgames.com to came right ??? Or is it as it was before ? Thank you-- M, x*

    Yes, you should start using www.royalgames.com. If you forget, there will be links to help you on your way :) /OF
  • @ foxy 80 Yes you may change your name once I did ....Wishing the new "royal " site Love & Luck x x x

  • Looking forward to the big surprise. I was just putting this out there, but how bout on the games that are not played as much, offering cups to illicit more playing.

    Cups are risky in less popular games, as there is no fixed time limit to them. /OF
  • thank you king for a chance at AZTEC DROP MUCH APPRECIATED

  • Don't worry foxy, seeing as Bubble Saga still shows up as Love Me Love Me Not on the freerolls, I'm guessing bits of the 'king branding' will be hanging around for a very long time.

  • Can I change my name on king? And if not why not. You are. lol

  • I wonder if I will finally get all the awards I've been due for months.

  • @sexyl3aby at page 15 Fool replied we will be re-directed the first days... about why the change I guess it will be more clear for us the end of the month.

  • Can I ask why we're changing our name over?? It's fine, I'm honestly a bit hesitant...I've been here quite a while and changing so drastically feels wrong, lol. Hope it all goes smoothly..and glad I checked the community. Will King.com re-direct to royalgames.com?

    It will make sense after the big announcement, I think. And the first week or so, it will redirect. After that there will be a link. We don't want to lose anyone :)/OF
  • why does king.com always do freerolls on the least popular games? annoying!

    We don't. Daily Freerolls actually only feature the top 50 or so games. The Friday Freerolls feature all games. /OF
  • I am sorry,but the games do not load????? Please???

  • am very sure most people would be very happy if the bugs did not move over with the web change , then the games might play better and we could get the new games that was promised .