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Treasure Quest!

Eternal triumph await those who enter the honorable Treasure Quest! There is € 5000 in the treasure chest for this tournament, will you claim your share?

Treasure Quest rules: Whenever you play cash tournaments and win money in any of our three featured Treasure Quest games, you will earn 100 Treasure Quest points plus 1 bonus Treasure Quest point per Euro cent that you won through your cash tournament. Example: If you win €6,29 in a cash tournament in one of the featured games that gives you 629 points plus 100 points for winning = 729 points that will be added to your Treasure Quest score. (Tip: Play fast and win as much cash as you can → the more you win in a cash tournament, the more Treasure Quest points you collect)

Please note: only cash game tournaments (not challenges!) that have started after your Treasure Quest registration will count and the tournaments have to end before the Treasure Quest is over.

The player with the highest number of collected Treasure Quest points will be the overall winner! Registration to the Treasure Quest costs €0,50 (£0.45; $0,70) and you receive 50 jewels. After the registration you can easily follow up on your position through our official Treasure Quest point overview:

The Treasure Quest runs for 1 week (in this case until Thursday March 6th 2014, 12:00 (CET).)

Have fun everyone!
Hot chocolate, pirates and sparkling dragons.

/The Foolette

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  • what a silly reply foolette to the missing diploma.. fluffy monsters..hmmmm

  • Foolette Thank you for personally answering my question and I do apologize for yelling .just that I am addicted to my diplomas and get very upset when they don't appear on schedule. But for the first time we have a polite Foolette who answers our questions in a timely fashion I like you!!

  • Come out, come out, wherever you are ! ...LOL... http://i1.midasplayer.com/images/fool_image/512/1.jpg?_v=0


    Hi @waterbab624! No need to shout, I hear you ;) Sorry for the late response on this (I was out on a lovely polar bear ride and I just got back) I am sorry to say there will be no Diploma today. It's been a bit busy in the Kingdom lately with the fluffy little Monsters from Monsterfever running amok, causing all kinds of trouble. So the Diploma master wasn't able to set you up this Friday. I'll let him know you're unhappy there isn't any today and Im sure he'll try to make it up to you with an extra amazing Diploma next time. :) /The Foolette
  • Well carnival starts today over here and look I found our Foolette!! With bubbles and all ;)))) http://www.luclodder.com/category/reportage/evenementen

    Hahaha... I look very colourful. :) /The Foolette
  • C'mon, Foolette. I get up at 4 am to do the Friday dip before work. Please release it!

    Sorry @stonegate8. Truly sorry for this no diploma going out today business. I do understand your frustration, I would have felt like someone robbed me of my confetti too! But I do have some good news.. :) Apparently, (a monkey told me this, and we all know monkeys are very reliable) that a NEW GAME, called "Chamello Jello" is having a beta testing for all players that are Diamond Vip... ;) /The Foolette
  • Getting withdrawal symptoms now! Really missing the Friday Diploma :(

    So sorry we couldn't give you a diploma today... I do very much understand that you we're upset. BUT I have some good news. A monkey just whispered in my ear that there is a Beta testing going on for a NEW GAME called something like "Chamello Jello" for all players that are Diamond Vip... ;) /The Foolette
  • No Diploma and no answers - sounds like the King I know !!!

    Oh you know the King!? Thats way cool, I mean the King KNOWS who I am but I don't KNOW him. ;) So sorry about the no show on a diploma today. Truly sorry in fact. BUT a monkey just whispered in my ear that there is a Beta testing going on for a NEW GAME called "Chamello Jello" for all players that are Diamond Vip... Could be fun? :) /The Foolette
  • FOOLETTE ? Are you under a spell, dear ?...LOL... I sent you a magical wand, use it and come ! YOU're WANTED, by everybody here, you know.....But, not empty handed....DIPLOMA, please ? ✿◕‿◕ :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Ki1wEbnZaM

    Hi Geena! Loving the puns! :) But yes, no I was out on a polar bear ride. but Im back now! I can see I missed out on some groovy action here. Sorry! I will try harder to be here when you need me. :) Very sorry to say though that there is no Diploma today. Monsters from Monsterfever run amok in the Kingdom and we had no time to make you a diploma this Friday. BUT next one coming up should me mega fantastic. :) /The Foolette
  • NEW DIPLOMA ?????????? sssssssttttttt just sleep I think :-))

    Ah, sorry @bammeltje. Lot's of fluffy monsters, no diploma. Have heard that the next one coming up should be very very nice though ;) /The Foolette
  • Where is Friday diploma.

    Sorry @ashokjain53. No Diploma today! Although I've heard rumours in the Kingdom that the next one will be mega super amazing... ^^/The Foolette
  • http://youtu.be/rJlnC_kcuIw maybe this helps a bit too

  • *bored now*

    NO! No one should be bored in the Kingdom! I suggest you go play Brick Busterz. Ah, such a great game... You know, the doctor in the Kingdom actually usually prescribes "gaming" as medicine, apparently it's the absolute best cure for boredom! ;) /The Foolette
  • //www.youtube.com/watch?v=8oF7Hb99sIM&list=PL8AD3D479C79EC443 this one has the lyrics in the description beneath it good luck with translations I'm sure google will make something hilaric of it.

  • I agree with sierra jeonne. No diploma today?

    Nope. So sorry. Lot's of fluffy monsters, no diploma. Repeating what I've said earlier to others: I've let the Diploma Master know you're unhappy there isn't any today and Im sure he'll try to make it up to you with an extra amazing Diploma for next time. :) /The Foolette
  • No I agree but I coulnd't find one with lyrics on it? ... let me check again.. in case I can't find: It's something about get out bed you're too late; in the song to get married.. in here: where's the diploma????? ;p

  • whahah Rina, i don't think she understands......

    Yes. Sorry @valdood. It was all very jibberish indeed. ^^/The Foolette
  • @foolette: www.youtube.com/watch?v=AVNQcsR_xI8 .. ;)))

  • Goodmorning, no diploma today? It's not on the calender.

    Hi! No sorry to say, no diploma today. Fluffy little Monsterfever monsters where running amok in the Kingdom so, taking care of that, we had no time to make one :( Have let the Diploma Master know you're unhappy there isn't any today and Im sure he'll try to make it up to you with an extra amazing Diploma for next time. :) /The Foolette
  • Good morning, FOOLETTE, good morning world ! My turn now: coffee, hot chocolate & cookies for everybody...All premises for a gorgeous Friday, for a promising weekend...(ړײ) http://www.hotelgabry.com/breakfast2_small.jpg

    Hi Geena! Sorry I was snoozing in a little bit this morning, good afternoon to you too! That did indeed look YUM. A worthy breakfast for gaming champions! /The Foolette