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  • Just when the games where I actually was able to play, now two days in a row, I spin and pick the game and I get a black screen. I actually thought those days were gone forever. No such luckl!!!

  • And the other I see missing for several months now is? the VIP bar level on my profile nowhere to be seen. If any players can help where to find it? I would be most grateful. See you later & stay safe! "E" :-)

  • LadyDeere I cant speak for all? My VIP Spinner was activated in March 2021 & will judged in June this year! But every day I click on it gives me a free game! From £1.40p pound & other 75p. But when I try gives me a black screen & says sorry! Yeah right! So you may as well have a blank Bingo card! x

  • Why can't I play Diamond Spinner. It was BAD, but now it's really BAD!!! Now, I have to reboot my computer after a failed attempt. COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE!!!!

  • It's like Blackpool Tower in my house now! I won't rest till I find the dam thing! It got to vacate or I won't sleep! Now spraying with peppermint oil everywhere? don't harm them, but they hate the smell. Same with conquers they won't pass them! LOL "E" :-)))

  • When I know it is safe? I will have to stay in hospital after the 1st one & same with the 2nd for safety reasons. Now I got a dam spider in my house? went to do my recycle & the dam thing was on my living room, not afraid of any others! But a bad phobia of spiders from a young age! All lights on?

  • Hi C_V I know he's still lurking on this site! Maybe I should send him a friends request like iceman! Maybe they can be my Mentor's??? & get your cash! Ha! Ha! Hope your feeling better? I refuse the jabs at the moment? I need to undergo tests? because I had a blood clot from! Chemo. 2nd

  • @CV I bet RZ owns more than a single share..just because he's not the CEO of Royal Games anymore doesn't mean he's not a stock holder. CEO's usually get stock along with a big retirement package when they leave.

  • @COFFINJOE, as explained many times before, those are both Flash-based features that haven't been ported, although parts of the site still reference them. Not missing the NWF scam "bonus" at all.

  • @rach, don't think cheat engine is much use now, it hacked Flash elements. Unless of course, someone's rewritten it to hack HTML5 games.

  • @ewo, RZ still owns the single share in the pivotal holding company, like Bill Gate$, Trump and many others before him, just because they say they've "left" doesn't mean they're not still raking it in. Ever seen Omen3 - The Final Conflict? Watch the 1st 2 scenes again, life does imitate art.

  • OMA'S birthday list 10 May -------------- --- DIANE15075 --------- KELKKA ---LITTLESPARROW2----------------Royal anniversary: -----------------BJMAYBEN (11 years)--------------- Thanks x

  • I hear the smoke alarms going off! Not me honest... Or well yes I have a humour & like a laugh! Off to play my challs/ now. I understand you Sile. Take care everyone & play what you can if all loads for you? I might be old but my humour is not trust me... "E" :-) x

  • Ha! Ha! What does repetitive gas lighters in the blog mean??? I've not set a fire yet! LOL. :-)

  • It is sad to see my favorite gaming site being slowly dismantled. No point depositing into a failing premise.

  • Wise words there :))

  • As long as you remain confident in your version of events. I tend to take some space from the situation ;))

  • You've got a good point there problem is I can't decide which is the most annoying, the big fish winning all the time or having to read repetitive gas lighters in the blog. lol

  • Watch out? Jaws is here lol. When in Florida many years now I went on this ride! So real like the movie omg scary! He's bait for me! Ha! Ha! "E" :-)))

  • LOL Susan I'm going to send him a friends request? to see if he can help me with my debt in my bank account! Ha! Ha! I seen the win earlier on the freerolls! I think I came 30th but things change as you know! A friend sent a email to site about that player! Reply? he's a good player load of crap.