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  • I wonder if ole high and mighty Susan still has pull to get people banned on here???

  • Joe_Thunder I am waiting for the payment since the end of February, supposedly they had a legal problem with paypal, but being such a big company King, can it be that it takes more than 6 months to be fixed? here they are lying to all of us .....

  • Don't remember Bonnie? but I did remember BeWittched who you all knew? she used to run competitions for fun on different themes of the year! Sadly she had to leave us :-( I just watched a video on bot's over 3 million views & how they work! Shocking what I seen. I'm not calling anyone a bot here...

  • I took 100$ out a week ago to see what happens. I also took a screen shot of my acct page showing that fact. I suggest you guys do this as well. If I don't see $$$ in my Paypal by months end, I'll just email it to Paypal and ask them what the hell is up. Enough of us do this maybe we can group lawst

  • It was messed about a bit but the Flash HTML change a few things off centre but I had already taken a screen shot of her profile for her family when it was intact :)

  • I still like to go over to Bonnie's accts..she has such a beautiful Christmas scene on her profile. She loved Christmas.

  • Well if that's the case before this site & others went down! Why are they not in control of it? not rocket science to top! IT TECHS. That tells me a lot about here & other! Enough to put anyone off any games sites for cash or non cash games. If personal information about our accounts are passed on.

  • Only if they have real funds in them and not used for over a year, that is why some of our old friends accounts are still around even though they have R.I.P Like Bonnies bless her she only had NWF's left.

  • I thought old accts not active for a long time would get closed? It use to be that way.

  • @G23, yup, lots of old, not used for years American accts..I've got an idea who it is and they've been permanently banned from here several years ago if its who I think it is.

  • Its stealth marketing G23 touting from here maybe employed by the site or related to the owner. Like standing in the middle of Maccy D's giving out freebies of B King it is wrong.

  • but everyone can come and write to the blog whenever they want, if they don't like it nobody forces them to be here ;)

  • @Fran, so true lots and lots of drivel from the other site marketers. I wish they'd just go away they wreck an otherwise fun weekend.

  • Funny how most that are talking about the other game site are Middle Aged Americans with a green jewel. One I looked up has not played since 2011!!!! It's all so boring now. All come out of the wood work. Never seen you write here before this blog.

  • I have been reacting to everyone that is touting for business for the other site. stay safe.

  • Then you don't need to name me or talk about me, greetings!

  • Different names but same drivel .

  • For me to be envious of you, it would require that you have something I want. So if you are talking cash sorry I have what I need thank you.

  • WOW! I see the meter going up several times faster than my! Daily Spinner... LMAO ◕‿◕

  • of course I'm a bot that's why I'm chatting with you, uh I smell envy :''''))))))